{Milkmaid Goods} : The Perfect Nursing Poncho

    DSC_0238*This is a sponsored post by Milkmaid Goods. All opinions are my own.

As we began counting down the days to the arrival of our second daughter, thoughts of having to nurse in public filled my mind. My oldest is set to start preschool in the Fall and logistically it would make the most sense if I stayed in town for those few hours rather than driving back home. So, I would become a nursing mama on the go! This was a whole new ballgame for me!

I don’t have a nursing cover!

Instantly I was in a panic, with one question consuming my every thought. Where could I find a nursing cover that would provide me with enough coverage to feel comfortable nursing in public?? The only nursing covers I had ever seen were the ones that tied around the neck like a bib. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of being exposed on the sides, especially since I was still getting the hang of nursing.

{Milkmaid Goods}

Milkmaid Goods is an amazing company that creates the most beautiful and functional nursing covers ever! I was gifted their {Sweet Pea} Nursing Cover and it was LOVE at first sight!


First of all, these are nursing ponchos, not covers! Needless to say Milkmaid Goods provided me with the full coverage I deeply desired! My fears of having a nursing cover fall off in public were quickly dispelled once I put on this gorgeous poncho!

These amazing ponchos were created with comfort in mind for the nursing mom on the go!   They are made of a cotton/spandex jersey knit. It’s a lightweight, stretchy, soft, and breathable fabric designed to make nursing your baby a comfortable experience. I love how easy it is to slip on and I don’t feel weighted down by another layer of clothing. Seriously, this poncho is so lightweight and breathable, that it makes nursing on the go a breeze!


The opening at the neck is wide enough that I can peek in on my sweet baby girl to make sure she has latched properly without exposing anything. These nursing ponchos measure approximately 42″ from sleeve to sleeve and 42″ from top to bottom.

Milkmaid Goods created these ponchos with moms in mind, as they are multi functional. They can also be used as a carseat cover when your out and about on those beautiful days and you little one needs a bit more coverage from the Sun.


Forgot a blanket and there is a chill in the air? No problem! Just pull out your nursing poncho and use it as a blanket for your sweet babe.


Who doesn’t love a good poncho!? It’s my go-to item from Fall through Spring. Milkmaid Goods put fashion in mind when creating these beauties. So much so, that I can wear this beauty out for date night with the hubby or girls night out and no one would ever know that I also use it to nurse! I get so many compliments when I am out and about! I feel like Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias when she says,

“Pink is my signature color.”


Not only are these nursing poncho comfortable and easy to use, but they are also super easy to clean! Just throw it in the washing machine using cold water and lay flat to dry. Making life for this busy mama super easy!

So, if you know someone expecting or you just haven’t found the right nursing cover, then I encourage you to check out Milkmaid Goods! I cannot say enough good things about their nursing ponchos! They are truly amazing and have become one of my MUST-HAVE items in the diaper bag!

What are your MUST-HAVE items in the diaper bag?


{Fresh 48} : A First Look : {12 Days New}

My blog has been rather quiet the last few weeks, as my family and I welcomed the newest addition into our family. I have been spending much of my time soaking in all this newborn deliciousness! Its such a small window of time that seems to be drawing to a close by the second…

While I now have enough post ideas to span the course of the next several months. Everything from product reviews, to preparing toddler for baby, to birth plans, parenting hacks, and everything in between. I am going to take it slow. These precious new moments as a family of four are so fleeting, that I never want to forget a minute of it.

So, I want this post to highlight some of the most beautiful, funny, and messy memories of my daughters first 12 days of life.

{Born} 11:38am

{Stats} 8 lbs. 5 oz.  20.25 in.

You were born with a head full of dark hair. I actually had a baby with HAIR! When they laid you on my chest I didn’t realize it at first. There was so much commotion in the room that it wasn’t until I overheard a doctor say, “Look at all that hair!”, that I finally zeroed in on your head. I was completely taken by surprise.

You love to be cuddled! You curl up like a little spider monkey on my chest to sleep. You would rather sleep on me than in your bassinet. So needless to say, I spend many nights sitting up in bed, holding you, while the frame of the window seal digs into my back through the pillow. But I’m not complaining. Your snuggles are the best part of my day and night!

Within your first few days home, you managed to pee on our comforter while Daddy was changing you in the middle of the night. You were 4 days fresh for your first outing. I took you to your newborn doctors appointment, while Daddy and big sister stayed home. You were perfect!

6 Days fresh you experienced your biggest outing. First up, your newborn photo session. The photographs were true perfection, but getting there was quite a challenge baby girl! You did not want to sleep and I had to feed you twice during the session, but somehow she managed to get four different setups and family photos. After a long session we visited my parents for a brief period in the afternoon. You had no trouble sleeping there! Finally, it was off to your Dad’s parents. I was hoping to take some of my own newborn poses of you out on the farm. By the time we reached their home, daylight was fading fast. I managed to get the one purple setup I wanted in front of the corn fields, before grabbing your big sister for her preschool photos. Despite the busyness of the day, it was pretty great!

9 Days fresh the outer portion of your umbilical cord came off. The doctor spray the inner portion to help protect it, while we wait for it to dry up and fall out.

10 Days fresh we took your big sister to toddler time at the library in the small town next to us. I felt like it was the perfect outing! Small town library, little parking lot – making it easier to keep hold of your big sister and you, and good friends to help if I needed extra hands! It was also my first time changing you out in public. They have nice, clean restrooms, which made the process go smoothly.

12 Days fresh you had your second doctors appointment to make sure you were gaining weight appropriately. No problems there! {9 lbs. 1 oz.} After that we headed to a small play space, so your sister could burn off some of that energy. It’s a great little space run by a couple of moms! This was also the place you had your very first blow out! After I changed you and your outfit, you then proceeded to punk all over me. You were two for two that day, as I noticed another blow out in your car seat as soon as we got back home. Needless to say, I spent the better part of your nap time cleaning the car seat, as per the instruction manual.

These past few weeks have been a little crazy to say the least, but we love every minute of it baby girl. We love every minute with you! All the poopy diapers and sleepless nights are so worth it, because {It Won’t Be Like This For Long.} So, I am going to spend my time soaking up every moment of you, of us, as a family of four!



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Compact Baby Gear : A Baby Swing

Today as I was preparing lunch, the door bell rang. My toddler rushed to the window with excitement, proclaiming a package had arrived! She was indeed correct. In these last few weeks the UPS truck has not been a stranger to our door. In fact, I would hazard to guess the driver knows our address by heart!

It’s no secret that babies come with a lot of stuff! After we had our first daughter, I remember saying how surprised I was by how much stuff one tiny human could accumulate. And that was just filling up the diaper bag so we could leave the house. Now, as we prepare for the arrival of our second daughter one of the questions I am frequently asked is, you probably already have everything from your first child, right?

I’m sure for most people the answer would be yes. For us, that isn’t the case. As I mentioned in previous post, we lived in a small two bedroom apartment until our daughter was just shy of two years old. So when it came to our baby registry we had to be very selective with the items we placed on the list.

One of those key pieces of baby gear was a swing. Obviously there’s no way to know whether your baby is going to prefer a swing, jumper, or a bouncer. Then of course, there’s always the possibility the baby will resist all of those things. So, it’s really kind of a crapshoot. And with the limited space we had available, we could only choose one.

So, I began my search for the most compact baby swing. I wanted something small, that sat low to the ground and did not take up too much space while in use. It needed to fold up easily and be very compact to stowaway. Especially because our measly 600 square-foot apartment provided little storage.

As I began my search, I came across a few  2 in 1 bouncer/swings. Many of them even sat low to the ground and had a compact fold. At first, I thought this would be a great addition to our registry! Who doesn’t like the idea of having two items in one!? Plus, I felt like it would feed my mother’s obsession with wanting to purchase every piece of baby gear in sight. As we constantly had to remind her that we lacked the space for all the typical gear most couples would register for.

Unfortunately, as I begin reading the reviews for the 2 in 1, I realized this item would not be a good fit for us. Many of the reviews stated they were not able to do both activities efficiently. Often the swing would run very slowly, if it all and the bouncer barely moved.  For an item that was double the price because it has both features, it should be able to perform both well. So, it was for this reason we chose not to go with a 2 in 1.

I stuck with my gut and chose to register for a swing. We found one that met all of our needs at Babies R’ Us. It sat low to the ground, had a compact fold, took up little space while in use,  ran both efficiently and quietly.

This little beauty was my saving grace those first few months!  She would often nap in her swing, so I could get a few things done! We used the swing so often, I’m surprised we didn’t wear out the mechanism! My daughter used this swing as long as she possibly could. When it came time to put it away, we simply folded it up and set it behind her dresser.

Now, with the arrival of our second daughter we pulled the swing out of storage and set it up downstairs. It still works perfectly, just like it did on day one! I cannot wait to use this item again!

So, if you or someone you know is living somewhere with limited space and can’t decide what gear is most important – I highly recommend a swing! I love how comfortable it is for baby and how compact it is for small spaces!

What is your favorite piece of baby gear and why?

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{A Letter To My First Born}

Dear Baby Girl – My First Born,

As I sit here writing you this little letter, I am more aware than ever that these will be our last few moments of just “us two.” Soon, very soon, your little world will forever be changed.

This letter is not an easy one to write, it’s filled with bittersweet emotions. It was you, you baby girl who made me a mother. Your little hands were the first to reach for me, knowing me as your safe haven. You were the first to call me “mama.” In our 3 years together we have had some amazing adventures. You are the one who inducted me into the motherhood tribe. You have taught me how to be a mother.

My sweet baby girl, you have long lost all of your baby features. There are no more bottles or pacifiers. Your hair has grown to frame your little face. You love imaginary play and often  proclaim you are a princess with superpowers, as you dance around the house. Singing has become a favorite pastime of yours. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” is your absolute favorite to sing! Little girl, you often request songs for your Dad and I to sing as well. How could we say no to that sweet, squeaky voice?

Sweet baby girl of mine, I want to take some time to reassure you of just how much your Daddy and I love you! Over the last few months there have been several changes made within our home and I can see how aware you are. I want you to know you have always been our first thought before making each change. As I write this letter, you are currently snuggled up in your big girl bed, where you have slept the past few months. While this transition was fairly seamless for you, your soft requests for your crib didn’t go unnoticed. We wanted to give you time to adjust before seeing someone else occupy the crib that was once yours.

While you are no longer the little pink bundle I brought home, you will always be my baby. Even when you proclaim loudly, “I do it myself!” You are still my baby. Even when you put your shoes on and jump up shouting, “I’m good to go!” You are still my baby. Even when you say, “step stool please,” because you want to help me cook. Or, “I have taste,” as I begin mixing ingredients together. You will always be my baby.

So as we prepare for the arrival of your baby sister, please know little one, that I love you both so much! And you will always be my baby!

Love Always,


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Preparing For Baby #2 : Are you ready?

 Are you ready?

Wherever my round belly and I go, this is the question I receive most often. In a previous post, I talked all about this current pregnancy and shared some of my feelings. Since writing that post, my answer to the infamous question, “Are you ready?”, is still very much the same.


No, I am not ready… Honestly, it feels as though I will never be ready. This simply question makes me want to jump out of my skin! It’s not that it bothers me when someone asks, because it doesn’t. It’s one of the first questions that pops into a persons mind when they see a large round belly coming their way. I, myself, have asked that question at least a million times. So why does it make me want to run in the opposite direction? Well, because  it instantly sends my brain into overdrive – thinking of the laundry list of items still not done!

Laundry List – Baby #2

  1. Clean out and organize the nursery closet. (We had previously used this closet as extra storage. It also happens to be the smallest and most awkwardly made closet in the whole house. It was build based on the location of the room. So, not only is it tiny, but in order to utilize every square inch of shelf capacity you have to crawl inside. Obviously this is not ideal and based on the location the closet it cannot be reconfigured.)
  2. Nursery furniture. (The issue is not with the nursery furniture, as we have all the necessary items from our first child. Unfortunately, our oldest doesn’t have a new set of bedroom furniture. So we have not been able to place the nursery dresser and storage cubicle in the nursery. We have been hunting for a preowned adult sized dresser that I could have refurbished. Although we visit every local secondhand store  each week, I just haven’t found what I am looking for.)
  3. Nursery Decor. (I realize this is not a “big deal”, as the baby doesn’t care. But it is something I enjoy doing! I love carefully selecting and pinning ideas for a sweet, yet sophisticated theme that can grow with her. I finally have a clean picture of how I want it decorated. It’s just a matter of purchasing the last few items and hanging them on the wall.)
  4. Clothing. (With our oldest daughter I made the mistake of not organizing her out grown clothes before packing them away! Ugh! I now have all different sizes shoved together in several boxes! My poor husband is pulling them out as we speak, so I can spend all night going through them! This time I will be armed with labels and a sharpie, so I never have this headache again!)
  5. Organizing the nursery. (This is a tough one. Remember, this is the smallest room with the smallest closet in the house. So even if the dresser and storage cubicle were in the nursery, it still wouldn’t be enough…)

So, while I am still not ready for this baby’s arrival I know eventually it will all get done. Even if it takes a little longer than expected. For now, I will head down stairs with labels and a sharpie in hand, ready to tackle the mount of boxes that awaits me!

Were you “ready” for the birth(s) of your baby(s)?

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