Kids and Sleep

We broke our golden rule… No kids in our bed.

Every family does it differently – some co-sleep from birth, others have a bassinets setup in their room. For us, our daughter started out her in crib from day one. When she would wake through the night my husband and I would take turns in the rocking chair, ensuring that she never left her nursery.

I have several friends who co-sleep and I think that’s great! But as a new mother, the idea of placing our five-pound peanut in our bed made me too nervous. We briefly considered a bassinet, but we were lacking space. So, the crib it was! I will admit, there were times within the first few weeks where I was reconsidering my decision. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any extra space to consider another option. So, we forged head with our original plan and it went just fine.

21 months later…

We were preparing for the BIG move into our first home. It was exciting, nerve racking, busy, and exhausting. During this time, our daughter came down with a cold. This meant lack of sleep, not only for her, but for us as well. So one night, we broke our golden rule. She woke somewhere between 11 and 1. We were so exhausted by that point I don’t remember which one of us went and got her, but neither of us said anything when she was placed in our bed.

I bet you think I am going to say something like, “It was nice to finally get some sleep.” No. No, I’m not. Because what I didn’t know about my daughter was how active she is during her sleep. I don’t mean small movements every once in awhile. I mean, it can seem like hours of constant moving around. I have woken to find her body completely sideways across all three pillows with her head and legs on top of us. I have been slapped and kicked in the face during her very active periods. I have even woken up to her sleeping on top of my face. Not only that, but somehow she still manages to fall off the bed even though she sleeps in between us… Luckily, after a few months in our new home she began sleeping most nights in her crib again.



When she wakes up in the morning, she is so happy! She gives me hugs and talks with me in her sweet, happy, high-pitched voice as we snuggle together! These precious moments make all those sleepless nights so worth it!

Do you have an active sleeper? I would love to hear you experience! #tired #parenthood #love

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Winter : No Coats : Car Seats

As winter is approaching, it means a few things in our home. Trading away all the beautiful, lightweight apparel for thick sweaters and ear muffs. It also means putting away the thick, puffy coats. No, you didn’t misread anything, but let me explain.

We live in the Midwest. As anyone who lives in the Midwest can tell you, the weather is unpredictable – with winter temperatures falling below 0. Yes, we own thick, puffy coats. No, we don’t wear them in the car. No, our daughter does not wear hers in the car seat. Click here to learn why coats are unsafe to wear while in the car seat and the other options available.

For us, we use a Car Seat Poncho. This will be her third winter wearing a poncho and we LOVE it!

5 reasons to LOVE the Car Seat Poncho

  1. It does NOT interfere with the car seat harness
  2. The zipper feature
  3. It is made of a thick polyester material
  4. Poncho sizes
  5. Easy to clean

Safety while riding in the car seat is our top priority. So, as parents, the most important feature of the Car Seat Poncho is that it does not interfere with the harnesses ability to function properly in the event of an accident. Like any new product, it took some getting use to. But after using it a handful of times, it was just as quick and easy to place my daughter in the car seat as before. In my opinion, the zipper is one of the BEST features! It allows me to place her in and situate her quickly, while unzipping the poncho long enough to properly secure the harness. Then, zipping it back up to keep her nice and warm!

The poncho material is warm and cozy! We purchased a size small when our daughter was just 6 months old.  A size small is for a child up to 35” inches. So, at a little over 32” inches, her poncho still fits perfectly. My last, but favorite feature for a busy mom like myself, is that its easy to clean! I just throw it in the washing machine and we are good to go! This will be her third winter wearing it and as you can see from the recent photos, its in perfect condition!

What do your kids wear in the car seat to keep them safe and warm?

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The sad face is because she realize we were not going any where.
The sad face is because she realized we were not going any where.


Garlic Salted Asparagus

Fresh produce, what’s that? Growing up, most of our vegetables came from a can. So, when my husband and I got married I was determined to change things and expand my palette. We began by steaming broccoli and cauliflower. This was a step in the right direction – eating two fresh vegetables, while expanding my food pyramid. This was great, but it was quickly short lived. That’s when we began searching for more fresh vegetable recipes.

There were 3 things I was searching for in a vegetable recipe:

  1. Quick and Easy
  2. Using Fresh Produce
  3. Adding new vegetables to the list

One evening while talking with a co-worker, she shared a great recipe, which hit all my criteria. It sounded so good, I just had to give in a try! It has quickly become a stable!

Garlic Salted Asparagus


Green Beans


  1. Garlic Salt
  2. Olive Oil
  3. Asparagus or Green Beans (green beans are by far my favorite, but the asparagus is good too.)
  4. Storage Ziploc Bag


(I have done this recipe so often that I don’t use exact measurements. I recommend testing out different amounts to see what works for you. But for this post, I will try to give you a suggested starting point.)

Step 1: Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Step 2: Cut open the bundle of asparagus or green beans

Step 3: Place vegetable in a storage Ziploc Bag

Step 4: Pour a little less than ¼ cup olive oil in the Ziploc Bag. Close the bag and shake until vegetables are completely coated.

Step 5: Pour about 3 tablespoons of garlic salt into the bag and shake until vegetables are well coated.

Step 6: Place asparagus of ungreased baking sheet and cook in oven for 25 minutes.


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4 Reasons Why I Love the Noggle

As a mom who advocates for car seat safety, I plan to keep my daughter rear facing as close to 4 years old as possible. Now, this is not without it’s challenges. One such issue, which arose, was the weather. Anyone living in the Midwest can tell you we go through seasons of extreme heat to extreme cold. This became a problem for our daughter. There were times when we would drive ten minutes to our destination, only to find out she was soaked with sweat. It didn’t matter that I had the air on high or that I let the car run for 5-10 minutes before getting in. So, I did what I always do in these situations. I went to the Car Seats for the Littles to seek advice. That’s where I learned about the NOGGLE! Click here to read their review. This handy little invention is something we couldn’t live without! Click here to check out the Noggle.

Here are 4 reasons why I LOVE the Noggle!

  1. The Noggle keeps our daughter cool during the long hot summers and warm during the blustery winters.
  2. Easy to install. (The instructions are VERY easy to follow. After the initial install, I was able to switch it between cars within a few minutes.)
  3. They come in different colors, prints, and sizes. (I purchased an 8ft. Noggle)
  4. The BEST part – they are approved by the Child Passenger Safety Technicians at the Car Seats for the Littles.

I can’t say enough good things about this product! The Noggle will allow her to rear face comfortably for the next few years. I love the easy install! While I typically leave the Noogle in my car, we have changed cars before. Removing and reinstalling the Noogle is VERY simple. My only complaint is that the Noggle can feel a little cumbersome in my compact car. But honestly, it’s a small price to keep her safe and comfortable. I have had the Noggle in my car for over a year now and hardly notice its there. At this point, its just part of the car and I would NOT change it.

I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a Noggle, if you haven’t do so!

To learn more about Car Seat Safety click here to see my previous post.

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8 Tips for Car Seat Safety

When I first had my daughter I knew nothing about car seat safety. Looking back at the photos I took before we left the hospital makes me want to cringe! I remember the nurse coming into the room to look over our car seat. She simply said, “The straps need to come down a little more, but you can just do that when you get home.” As a new mom, I thought nothing of it. I mean, she was a nurse after all, so if she wasn’t worried then it must be fine, right? WRONG!

Leaving the hospital

There are so many things we worry about as parents: from the appropriate amount of screen time to a well balanced diet and everything in between. Car seat safety was something I never heard much about as I was preparing for the arrival of our daughter. Fortunately, shortly after our daughter arrived a friend suggested I add myself to a Facebook group called Car Seats for the Littles and I am glad she did. This group is run by Car Seat Technicians, whose sole goal is to educate parents on recommended best practice to keep children safe. Click here to see their official website. As a mother who was doing it wrong, I am thankful someone pointed me in the right direction. I promise I am not here to tell you how you should do something. I am just here to give you some helpful information that someone once gave me. Remember we are in this together! #parenting

Here are my top 8 tips for Car Seat Safety

  1. Rear-Facing: straps should be AT or BELOW the shoulders and chest clip at armpit level.
  1. Forward-Facing: straps should be AT or ABOVE the shoulders and chest clip at armpit level.
  1. Rear-Facing: recommended until at least age 2, but ideally as close to 4 as possible. Click here to read the reasoning behind the recommendations.
  1. Ages 0-6: 5 point harness seat   Ages: 6 and up high back/backless booster seat Click here for more detailed information
  1. When can my child ride without a booster seat? Once he/she passes the five step test.
  1. No coats in the car seat
  1. All car/booster seats have expiration dates
  1. Read your ENTIRE car seat manual to ensure proper install and use.

What are some things you have learned on your parenting journey? Did you find them on your own or did someone help you? Either way, you are doing great!

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