Favorite Christmas Finds and Deals

As you know, I love Black Friday Shopping! My favorite part is finding deals on items I can use all throughout the year. I enjoy pouring over the ads on Thanksgiving – deciding which places are a must! This year was no different!

This year, there was ONE ad I was eagerly rummaging through the pile for. The Younkers ad! Why?? They have amazing, kid-friendly kitchen appliances that get my daughter excited for meals! The best part, each item was under $10!!

Since these precious items are door buster deals and we wait until after stores have already been open before venturing out – there is always a good chance I will miss out. While I hate the idea of missing out on these kitchen gadgets, sometimes it happens. Of course, I always cross my fingers and hope I am luckily enough to find a hidden stash.

My mom is my secret weapon! That lady could find the needle in the haystack, if you ask her! Honestly, she has secret ninja shopping skills like no one I have ever seen.

So, in 2014, we went into Younkers. Hoping to find the Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker, which was a $9.99 door buster deal. Of course the designated table was empty by the time we arrived. So my mom went on a hunt through the store, with one goal in mind!


I had my toddler sized waffle maker! I love it! It makes breakfast quick and easy! My daughter requests waffles often in our house!


This Black Friday, I wanted to add to my collection. The Door Buster – a FROZEN Waffle Maker! If you think Mickey is hard to get, he has nothing on a waffle maker in the shape of a snowflake!! I knew arriving almost 5 hours after the doors opened, most likely meant I would have to “Let It Go.”

Enter my mother!

While the snowflake waffle maker was in fact gone, leave it to my mother to find something better! A waffle maker in the shape of Olaf for $9.97! It wasn’t in the ad. Could that price even be right!? I mean, its way better than a snowflake! Next to that, a Mickey Mouse Cake Pop Maker for $4.99!


I love my kid-friendly kitchen gadgets and my daughter can wait to try them out!

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TreeSchoolers & (A Giveaway)


                           Photo Credit: Two Little Hands Productions

*This is a sponsored post by Two Little Hands Productions. All opinions are my own.

 A while back I talked with you about some of my favorite educational programs. One of those programs was a Two Little Hands Productions, Signing Time DVD/CD’s. It’s no secret that I love these DVD’s! So, when I was presented with the opportunity to review Rachel & The TreeSchoolers: Our Solar System, I jumped at the chance!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better…

Before reviewing Rachel & The TreeSchoolers: Our Solar System DVD/CD, I assumed this would be simple. I already have six of their DVD/CD’s after all. So I thought, what would be the difference, right? I mean, I already know they are captivating and educational.


But there is a difference! 

While Baby Signing Time and Signing Time focus predominately on ASL signs, TreeSchoolers primary focus is on teaching a curriculum while incorporating ASL signs.


When I taught science, I would often start with a problem. This always lead to a question which needed to be solved. This DVD approaches learning the Solar System in the same fashion, using child-like characters to keep children engaged. I love how they incorporate songs and ASL into the curriculum. Even classics like the Alphabet Song made the cut. Songs are a great way to remember new content. I would often encourage children to create a song in order to memorize new content for a test.

Rachel & The TreeSchoolers do an amazing job delivering the content in a way that not only makes learning fun, but memorable as well. To say my two-year-old was memorized by this DVD would be the understatement of the year. We have watched it more times then I can count. Once it’s over, we either watch it again or she brings me another of her Signing Time DVD’s.



Something New!

To be honest, I have never used the CD’s that accompany her DVD’s. I didn’t feel it was all that important, but I decided to give it a try. I am pleased to say I was completely wrong! During one of our typical car rides, I popped the CD in, only to hear a small voice shout, “waxing!” My daughter was actually making an effort to sing along with the songs! This was a new and amazing skill for this proud mama to witness! The songs helps to reinforce the educational content of the DVD. Making the Solar System an easy subject to learn at any age!


Photo Credit: Two Little Hands Productions

If you haven’t, I hope you take this opportunity to check out the Signing Time DVD/CD’s for your children!

*Now, I hope you enjoy entering this fun little giveaway! Good Luck!*

What You Can Win: Rachel & The TreeSchoolers Our Solar System DVD – 1 Winner

Terms & Conditions: Must be at least 18 years of age or older and a US resident.

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My Top 5 Christmas Traditions to Start With Kids

Now that December is in full swing, so is the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. I must admit, I have been preparing for this since the summer. My pinterest account is bursting at the seams with Christmas activities. My daughter has now reached the stage where she can get into all the festivities. So now, I have a 25 days of Christmas calendar created just for this occasion.

Here are my top 5 Christmas Traditions that I am excited to start with my daughter!

1.   Elf on the Shelf

I purchased our elf when my daughter was still an infant. Leaving it secretly tucked away in the back of my closet until this year! A few weeks ago I DVRed the Elf on the Shelf movie, which I proceeded to play everyday in preparation for his arrival. Needless to say, my daughter ended up naming him Chippy. Click here to see where I got the idea for Chippy to make his grand appearance!


2.   25 days of children’s religious Christmas books

A friend of mine does this tradition every year with her kids. It sounded like a great idea! I chose to make them religious because I want to keep God at the forefront of the Christmas season. You wrap one book up a day for them to open. In our case, we are using library books. There is no way I will purchase 25 books every year and the kids won’t care either way!

3.   Polar Express Party

I love this idea! My husband and I used to go to the iMax Theater every year to see it before we had children. Since our daughter was born I have been wanting to take her to the different Polar Express activities that go on this time of year. The Polar Express Train Ride was my first choice, but the tickets alone are VERY expensive. Not to mention we would need to travel a good distance to be a part of one. My other thought was the Polar Express PJ party at a near by children’s museum. Unfortunately, the tickets sold out in less than an hour. Leaving only a few undesirable times left. So instead, we are going to create a Polar Express Pajama Party at home! Our party will include: a train ticket, reading the book, and watching the movie while eat cookies and drinking hot chocolate in our pjs. Click here to see the details from a Pinterest post I found!

4.   Christmas Eve Present

This is a tradition we had in my house growing up. Our parents would pick out one present for each of us to open on Christmas Eve night. It was typically a CD, movie, or book. Something to keep us busy the rest of the evening. I want to take this tradition a step further. In our daughters Christmas Eve box will be a movie, pjs, popcorn, and a packet of hot chocolate. Click here to see some great printable labels for your box!

5.   Christmas Day Movie

My husband and I love watching movies. Its been our thing since we began dating. Our daughter even enjoys going to the theater. So we have tossed around the idea of going to see a children’s movie at the theater on Christmas night. We thought it would be a great unique tradition start. For me, something like this is a normal thought because when I was younger my family and I would go bowling on Christmas Day. I always enjoyed having something so ordinary become such a unique tradition, because not a lot of families I knew went out on Christmas Day.

What were your favorite Christmas traditions as a child? What traditions have you started with your children?

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