{Twinkle Twinkle It’s A Sprinkle}

My dear friend Kaitlin was sweet enough to host a Sprinkle Shower for me. She is quite the creative soul, making desserts and decorations that matches the nursery theme! So, I spent this past weekend with a great group of women celebrating the upcoming arrival of princess #2. It was a sweet, cozy affair full of laughter as we all shared stories of our motherhood journey!

Kaitlin truly out did herself with the lavender frosted cupcakes, paper flowers, banner, and dragonfly cut outs for guest to write a wish for the baby. Not only were the decorations for the Sprinkle lovely, but they will also provide the first decorations for the nursery! While I still don’t feel ready for her arrival, the Sprinkle did help to check off a few to-do’s.

When you spend your days chasing after a toddler, your current pregnancy can easily get overlooked. So spending the afternoon with an amazing group of women, celebrating this sweet baby girl was just what I needed! This sweet, little girl is already loved by so many! As I looked around the room, I realized how truly blessed I am to have these strong women in my life to love and support not only me, but my daughters as well.

How do you celebrate each pregnancy?

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Why I Won’t Share My Baby’s Name With You

When I was pregnant with our first daughter a lady very bluntly asked me if I was going to find out the gender before delivery. Before I could even answer, she went on to state her opinion on the subject. She firmly believed that having this knowledge before delivery took all the joy and excitement out of the baby’s arrival. It was then, that I proceeded to tell her we were in fact going to learn the gender ahead of time. As the displeasure of my answer crossed her face, I went on to say that we would NOT however, reveal her name until after she was born.

Why I won’t be sharing my baby’s name with you:

  1. Just like the lady who bluntly stated her opinion as to whether or not I should learn the gender of my baby  prior to delivery, people will also have opinions on the name you choose. And to be honest, I don’t need to hear whether or not you like the name. Choosing a name is one of the most difficult decisions a parent can make. So the last thing any parent-to-be wants to hear about a name they have spent months agonizing over and carefully selecting, is how awful YOU think it is.
  2. It’s a SURPRISE! I love the fact that there is still something I know and you don’t. When friends and family learn you don’t plan to share the name until the birth, it makes it that much more exciting. People are very eager to know something they have had to wait nine months to find out. Plus, who doesn’t love surprises?!
  3. Stealing. This one I find a bit funny, as no one person has claim over a name. At the same time, I understand how it could feel frustrating to share a name you have carefully selected only to have someone decide to use it as well. For me, when thinking of names I do try to steer clear of using another family members name. Only because I think it could get slightly confusing if you had two Aunt Sally’s or something like that.
  4. What if we change our minds? While this was not an issue with our first pregnancy, it would absolutely be a concern this time around. Although, family members have suggested that by sharing the name prior to the birth, it would make it easier to receive personalized gifts. What IF we change our minds? Think of all those sweet gifts we couldn’t use?
  5. A story in the making. Sharing your baby’s name after the birth can result in some pretty memorable stories you will have forever. When we shared our oldest daughters name, my father had difficulty remembering it. So much so, that when his co-workers asked him the name of his only grandchild his mind went completely blank. He could not remember her name to save his life! My mother still gives him a hard time about that! This funny little story is one we wouldn’t have if we had shared the name months in advance!

Did you have a name selected before your child was born? Did you share it with friends and family ahead of time?

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Beating The Summer Heat : Popsicles

Popsicles, Popsicles, & Popsicles

With the Summer heat in full swing, we are always looking for ways to cool down. Popsicles are one great way to beat the heat! My mom purchased these awesome Mickey Mouse popsicle molds from the Disney Store online. If you read my previous post, you know that my daughter is crazy about Mickey Mouse. So I definitely wanted to use these molds the first chance I got! The large ears made it easy for my daughter to hold her popsicle.

I decided to make a healthy version, adding new fruit into the rotation. For us, that meant Kiwi! I didn’t even know how to peel one at first. Thank YouTube! Strawberries and grapes are what I had on hand. Instead of using tap water, I purchased Coconut Water for a little added flavor.


  • Fruit (Your Favorites)
  • Coconut Water
  • Popsicle Molds (Mickey Mouse ones are easy for toddlers to hold)
  • Optional: Place spinach and a little water in the blend. Mix to a liquid consistency and add a little to each mold. Giving the popsicles a greenish color.


  • Slice fruit and fill popsicle molds. Fill Coconut Water to the brim and place lids on top. Set the molds in freezer. (I placed my popsicles in the freezer that morning and they were ready for our after dinner treat!) Run molds under warm water for a few minutes in order to get the popsicles out.


What are your favorite Summer treats and popsicle recipes?

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Third Trimester : {A Letter To My Unborn Daughter}

Dear Sweet Baby Girl #2,

Here we are in the third trimester. Where did the time go? Honestly baby girl, where did it go? I feel this pregnancy with you has gone so quickly, that I haven’t had much time to relish in these last few moments of carrying you under my heart. I just want time to stop, to keep you safe within my belly just a little bit longer…

So tonight, I am writing you this letter as a way to document our first nine months together. It’s my own way of freezing time with you. As if I am bottling it up in a time capsule, to keep forever.

I already know your a feisty little one. While I experienced small bouts of nauseous with your big sister, you have made your presents known from the very beginning. I could barely get off the couch for almost six weeks – living on Ritz Crackers and water. While I still cooked breakfast and lunches for your sister, Daddy has graciously taken over dinner. Maybe you knew how busy our lives would be and you wanted to make sure you didn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Trust me baby girl when I say that’s absolutely not possible. We have spent most days talking about you and preparing for your arrival. While things have started to come together, I must admit, I still feel completely unprepared. Honestly, its probably the hormones, but for some reason I feel I can’t make any decisions.

But here is what I do know:

  • I know that you will arrive even if we haven’t selected a name…
  • I know you will arrive even if your nursery isn’t finished…
  • I know you will arrive even if I can’t decide on an outfit for your newborn photos…
  • And I know that I already love you more than you will ever understand!

While I admit, many of these decisions are trivial, they are ones I enjoy contemplating. Although, it feels a little harder this time around. I think that’s because I want you to feel just as important and loved as your big sister.

I want your nursery to be a reflection of you, so you are given your own special touch. For you baby girl, I have chosen a grey and lavender color scheme with dragonflies. I wanted something that I felt could grow with you, making it the perfect choice. Finding the right decor is another story entirely…

It’s not just about getting everything ready for you, it’s also about you. I spend time dreaming you up in my mind. Will you be a blonde beauty like your big sister, a brunette like me, or will you get your fathers once bright red hair? Will you be a five pound peanut or chunky monkey? Will you be as wild and loud as I imagine? If so, should I choose a stronger name to match your spirit or a softer name for a delicate touch?

Since you no longer allow me to get much sleep at night, I have extra time to think about you and dream you up. Of course, nothing will be as good as finally getting to hold you in my arms!

Some last few details about this special time with you:

  • I have been able to eat meat this entire pregnancy (minus the nauseous phrase where every food imaginable sounded awful.)
  • Cheese has been a go to item! I often make myself a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Although I do crave cheese balls, mozzarella sticks, cheese fries, etc. (Luckily I have been good about only giving into those items a few times a month.)
  • Lately its all about chicken and your Dad couldn’t be happier! While I am a meat eater, beef has always been my go to. Chicken just wasn’t my thing, until now, that is! Now, I am all about chicken salads, wraps, and sandwiches.
  • The first time I felt you kick was in May. We were at the movie theater watching the Avengers: Age of Ultron.
  • I had the ultrasound tech check three times to make sure you were in fact a girl! I couldn’t believe God was blessing us with another beautiful princess!
  • You are an extremely active little girl, moving around all hours on the day and night! Kicking me harder than your sister ever did. Maybe that means you will be an amazing soccer player?! lol!
  • When we ask your big sister what we should name you, she thought her name would be the best choice! Although, now she has taken to calling you “carrot baby!” Hehehe!
  • Your big sister loves to rub my belly and bury her face in it to give you kisses!
  • Tonight she declared you will play tea party with her!

So sweet baby girl of mine, I am going to relish in these last few moments of carrying you under my heart. I am going to freeze this time and bottle it up, if only for a moment… Then I am going to wrap you in my arms and whisper, “I love you to the moon and back.” 

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Baby’s Sensitive Skin : Shampoo & Body Wash : Burt’s Bees

Do your children have sensitive skin? If the answer is yes, then we are in the same boat! My girl has crazy, sensitive skin! Since my husband and I both had sensitive skin as children, she was doomed from the start. So finding the right products for her, has definitely been quite the journey. Previously on the blog, I posted about finding the right sunscreen for her pale, porcelain skin.

Today, I am talking baby bath products. Bath time has always been one of those sweet mother/daughter moments. Seeing her little face staring up at me from her small pink tub, made my heart melt. I loved hearing her little coos and giggles during our bath time conversations. Now that my girl is an active toddler we have all kinds of bath time adventures. Everything from sailing the seas with Doc McStuffins to water squirt fights!

Bath time is one of our greatest adventures, but it didn’t always start out that way. In the beginning of my motherhood journey, I used whatever bath products I received at my baby shower. This mostly consisted of Johnson & Johnson. Its been around for years and the hospital I delivered at was using it. So if the hospital was using it, then it had to be safe. Our parents even used it when my husband and I were babies, so it had to be good…

I am sure you already know where I am headed with this. A few months after she was born I was talking with her doctor about bath time. Her eyes were red, even though the bottle said tear free. Her skin always ended up with a reddish tin and was very dry after each bath, despite my best efforts to lotion her up. That’s when she told me they do not recommend Johnson & Johnson. She went on to say, while they have been around for years, their products are full of chemicals. Likely causing her skins bad reaction.

Burt’s Bees to the rescue! Shortly after her appointment, I was talking with a few friends about my conversation with her doctor. They immediately suggested Burt’s Bees as the top choice! So, I checked into it and we gave it a try.


We use the Fragrant Free & Tear Free Shampoo & Body Wash. I LOVE this product! No harmful chemicals to cause my daughters skin to go hay-wire and no more red, irritated eyes. Burt’s Bees helped to create an enjoyable bath time experience for our daughter and I am truly grateful!

To correspond with her Shampoo & Body Wash, we also used their Fragrant Free Lotion. It’s AMAZING! It really helps to nourish her sensitive skin by eliminating those pesky dry patches. Lately, we have been using the Original Lotion because I can no longer find the Fragrant Free at Target. It seems to do the job nicely, but Fragrant Free works the best for my girl!

As the time to pack my hospital bag approaches, you better believe one of the baby essentials on the list is Burt’s Bees Fragrant Free & Tear Free Shampoo & Body Wash! Princess #2 will have a great bath time experience right from the start!

What bath products work best for your kids?

While I have never personally tried their other products, Chelsea wrote a great post about her daily Burt’s Bees skin care routine.

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