{A Letter To My First Born}

Dear Baby Girl – My First Born,

As I sit here writing you this little letter, I am more aware than ever that these will be our last few moments of just “us two.” Soon, very soon, your little world will forever be changed.

This letter is not an easy one to write, it’s filled with bittersweet emotions. It was you, you baby girl who made me a mother. Your little hands were the first to reach for me, knowing me as your safe haven. You were the first to call me “mama.” In our 3 years together we have had some amazing adventures. You are the one who inducted me into the motherhood tribe. You have taught me how to be a mother.

My sweet baby girl, you have long lost all of your baby features. There are no more bottles or pacifiers. Your hair has grown to frame your little face. You love imaginary play and often  proclaim you are a princess with superpowers, as you dance around the house. Singing has become a favorite pastime of yours. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” is your absolute favorite to sing! Little girl, you often request songs for your Dad and I to sing as well. How could we say no to that sweet, squeaky voice?

Sweet baby girl of mine, I want to take some time to reassure you of just how much your Daddy and I love you! Over the last few months there have been several changes made within our home and I can see how aware you are. I want you to know you have always been our first thought before making each change. As I write this letter, you are currently snuggled up in your big girl bed, where you have slept the past few months. While this transition was fairly seamless for you, your soft requests for your crib didn’t go unnoticed. We wanted to give you time to adjust before seeing someone else occupy the crib that was once yours.

While you are no longer the little pink bundle I brought home, you will always be my baby. Even when you proclaim loudly, “I do it myself!” You are still my baby. Even when you put your shoes on and jump up shouting, “I’m good to go!” You are still my baby. Even when you say, “step stool please,” because you want to help me cook. Or, “I have taste,” as I begin mixing ingredients together. You will always be my baby.

So as we prepare for the arrival of your baby sister, please know little one, that I love you both so much! And you will always be my baby!

Love Always,


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Preparing For Baby #2 : Are you ready?

 Are you ready?

Wherever my round belly and I go, this is the question I receive most often. In a previous post, I talked all about this current pregnancy and shared some of my feelings. Since writing that post, my answer to the infamous question, “Are you ready?”, is still very much the same.


No, I am not ready… Honestly, it feels as though I will never be ready. This simply question makes me want to jump out of my skin! It’s not that it bothers me when someone asks, because it doesn’t. It’s one of the first questions that pops into a persons mind when they see a large round belly coming their way. I, myself, have asked that question at least a million times. So why does it make me want to run in the opposite direction? Well, because  it instantly sends my brain into overdrive – thinking of the laundry list of items still not done!

Laundry List – Baby #2

  1. Clean out and organize the nursery closet. (We had previously used this closet as extra storage. It also happens to be the smallest and most awkwardly made closet in the whole house. It was build based on the location of the room. So, not only is it tiny, but in order to utilize every square inch of shelf capacity you have to crawl inside. Obviously this is not ideal and based on the location the closet it cannot be reconfigured.)
  2. Nursery furniture. (The issue is not with the nursery furniture, as we have all the necessary items from our first child. Unfortunately, our oldest doesn’t have a new set of bedroom furniture. So we have not been able to place the nursery dresser and storage cubicle in the nursery. We have been hunting for a preowned adult sized dresser that I could have refurbished. Although we visit every local secondhand store  each week, I just haven’t found what I am looking for.)
  3. Nursery Decor. (I realize this is not a “big deal”, as the baby doesn’t care. But it is something I enjoy doing! I love carefully selecting and pinning ideas for a sweet, yet sophisticated theme that can grow with her. I finally have a clean picture of how I want it decorated. It’s just a matter of purchasing the last few items and hanging them on the wall.)
  4. Clothing. (With our oldest daughter I made the mistake of not organizing her out grown clothes before packing them away! Ugh! I now have all different sizes shoved together in several boxes! My poor husband is pulling them out as we speak, so I can spend all night going through them! This time I will be armed with labels and a sharpie, so I never have this headache again!)
  5. Organizing the nursery. (This is a tough one. Remember, this is the smallest room with the smallest closet in the house. So even if the dresser and storage cubicle were in the nursery, it still wouldn’t be enough…)

So, while I am still not ready for this baby’s arrival I know eventually it will all get done. Even if it takes a little longer than expected. For now, I will head down stairs with labels and a sharpie in hand, ready to tackle the mount of boxes that awaits me!

Were you “ready” for the birth(s) of your baby(s)?

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