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As I mentioned previously, when we first had our daughter we lived in a very small two-bedroom apartment. So as you can image, creating a baby registry had its challenges. There were thousands upon thousands of baby products available and we didn’t have the luxury of putting whatever we wanted on the list. This did force us to be smart about what we put on the list, as well as what we chose to purchase ourselves. As time goes on, I plan to discuss several baby products I chose based on living in an apartment. So if you are about to have your first baby in a small living environment please stay tuned, as I will share some of my favorite baby products for small spaces.

As we were approaching the solid food stage, my husband and I realized we needed a seat for her. My mom kept pushing highchairs on me. “We can get you one of those small, compact high chairs from Kmart. You can fold it up and lay it against the wall when you aren’t using it.” While I know she meant well, that just wasn’t practical. We didn’t have enough room to lay it against the wall and have it be out of the way. Our daughter could have easily crawled over to it and have it fall on her. Unfortunately, the highchairs that clamp to the table were also out of the question because it requires a four-legged table.

Summer Infant 3-Stage Booster SuperSeat

One night while searching the Internet we came across the Summer Infant 3-Stage Booster SuperSeat. There are so many reasons why I LOVE this as an alternative to a traditional highchair! The first being the price – $40 at Wal-Mart! Of course this was not my main reason for choosing this seat, but as a one-income family – affordable, budget friendly items are always preferred.


It was the perfect seat for both play and mealtime! I loved the foam insert – it kept her snug and comfortable while sitting upright. The seat itself was VERY easy to clean. However, as your child begins to feed him/herself there messy hands can reach the toys on either side of them even though you may have the snack tray directly in front. At this stage of her development, I did spend a lot of time cleaning the crevices of the toys and tray itself. I was never bothered or frustrated by this, because it never seemed to take too long. Do bear in mind; it does take more time then when you were the one feeding your child.

The snack tray comes on and off easily just like a highchair tray. I love the fact that I can rotate the tray 360 degrees depending on what I need it for. This seat comes with a yellow lock to hold the food tray in place while eating. In addition, the tray isn’t so easily manipulated, which is GREAT for this mama! I didn’t have to worry that my daughter would slide the tray while eating, spilling food all over the floor. We had the seat sitting in our living room with a waterproof mat underneath. It worked perfectly!



The 3-point safety harness worked great with no issues! If there had not been a tray attached, then I would have preferred a 5-point harness instead. We never took the tray off to use it in booster mode, so I can’t speak to the security. Although, I imagine if your child was using it in booster mode they are fully capable of holding themselves up. Our daughter did reach the age where we could have used it in booster mode, but our apartment was so small there wasn’t enough room for more than two kitchen chairs.

My favorite part about this seat is that it’s a multipurpose item and a space saver! These are truly the most important aspects you need in a baby product when you live in a small space. We didn’t have a lot of floor space, so having an item that could help her sit up while eating and playing was the perfect fit. At the end of each evening we would set it out of the way and pile her stuff animals on top!

Our daughter used this seat in Stage 2 mode, from ages 4 to 21 months. She had plenty of legroom between the seat and the tray, so we never had to remove the foam insert. Our SuperSeat was very durable and still looks great! If you plan on having multiple children I recommend purchasing a gender-neutral seat. Even though we no longer live in an apartment, I still plan on pulling this beauty out of storage to use again someday!

Do you have the Summer Infant 3-Stage Booster SuperSeat or something similar? Do you LOVE it? Why or Why not?

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