Be {Brave}

I have been thinking about this first post for months now – going over it and over it in my head. At one point I could hear Meredith Grey’s voice reading my post aloud, as she does at the beginning of every Grey’s Anatomy episode. That would be AMAZING, right!? But instead, (deep breathe) it’s me and MY thoughts – not an actress reading a script. So here goes…

Fears… We all have them. They can either light you up or shut you down. Sometimes our fears are what keep us safe and out of harms way, but all too often they keep us trapped – never stepping out of our comfort zone. We stay in this safe place, hoping to try something new without the intension of ever actually doing it.

This was a conservation I recently had with my Mother-in-law shortly after our big move. I was nervous and scared, unsure of what the future held for me. In all her sweet wisdom, she shared an important piece of advice, “Do something once a week that scares you.” I didn’t realize it at the time, but that small piece of advice would quickly become a huge part of my life.


Now let me clarify, she didn’t mean go skydiving or climb Everest. She simple meant step out of your comfort zone – which can mean different things to different people. For me, at the time, it meant leaving the house and exploring the area on my own. Driving to new places with my daughter and trying to make friends. But it quickly spiraled into so much more! Somehow I developed the “Brave” motto and here I am, putting myself out there. Sharing my life with you. For me, it doesn’t get much Braver!

Say what you wanna say

And let the words fall out

Honestly I wanna see you be brave

With what you want to say

And let the words fall out

Honestly I wanna see you be brave

– Sara Bareilles

I want this blog to encompass who I am as a wife, mother, and a woman. My goal is for you, my readers, to be as passionate about what I write as I am. Most importantly, I want to be {BRAVE} and share my thoughts, experiences, and struggles. I hope you will feel comfortable enough to do the same with me! I want to see you be {BRAVE}!


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