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{Audrey’s Bear} : Personalized Swaddle Blanket

dsc_0445  *This is a sponsored post by Audrey’s Bear. All opinions are my own.

When I found out I was expecting another girl, I was elated to say the least! Being blessed with the opportunity to pull out all those tubs of adorable, frilly clothes again, made me want to burst at the seams! I was just that excited!

There was one thing weighing on my mind… Individuality.

As silly as it may sound, I didn’t want baby girl #2 to feel she was constantly living in her big sisters shadow. Only being given what her sister once used. Instead, I wanted her to know and feel we saw her as an individual right from the beginning.

So, I began my search for a few practical and reasonably priced baby items that she would be able to call her own.

{Audrey’s Bear}

When I learned I would have the opportunity to collaborate with this company I was beyond excited! Audrey’s Bear gifted my newborn babe one of their beautiful, personalized swaddle blankets.


Audrey’s Bear gives customers an array of customizable options. Once I chose my design (Multicolored Arrows), I was literally able to custom every. single. aspect. Something I have yet to find anywhere else!  I was able to select the color of the swaddle, two different colors for her name, the font style, and a different color for each of the four arrows. The company then sends a proof via email for you to approve before your swaddle is printed. This company has excellent customer service and they make the process so easy!


Magical Sleeping Powers!

I cannot get enough of this swaddle! Seriously, I wish I had a dozen of these! Audrey’s Bear designed this light-weight, soft, stretchy fabric with baby’s in mind! The first time I used it, she was tired and cranky. I thought I would never get her to sleep. Then I remembered the swaddle and thought, why not!? So I wrapped up my sweet babe and WALA! She fell fast asleep! So, now I use it all the time and I don’t leave home without it!


I love how this is not only a great, practical baby item for parents to purchase, but also a lovely keepsake!

Giving Back

I love working with companies that give back and Audrey’s Bear is no exception! They created a program called, {swaddle4swaddle}. Each time a customer purchases one of their lovely swaddles they will donate one to a baby in either the NICU or Pediatric Cancer Center. As a mom, it warms my heart to see companies like Audrey’s Bear giving back in order to make someones day a little brighter!

What are your go-to keepsake items for baby? Do you have a few for each child, showcasing their individuality?

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Bump To Baby : One Month Old

I am still in awww every time I look at you and realize one whole month has gone by since your birth! It’s true, time really does move quickly.

This past weekend I spent some time packing away all of your newborn clothes. Clothes that your big sister wore for at least a few more months. Yet there I was, packing it all away just days after turning one month old… Today, in fact, you are wearing an outfit your sister wore at 4 months.

But this post isn’t about today, it’s about your first month of life. While I wrote about your first 12 days here, there are still so many other adorable things to touch upon.

Baby Girl – One Month Old

  • 12 Days Old – I wrapped you in a Solly Baby Wrap for the first time and wore you during family night through the Apple Orchard. You slept peaceful on my chest the whole time.
  • 13 Days Old – When I rub the base of your neck it puts you to sleep and you give the biggest smiles in your sleep like state.
  • You have such trouble with bottles. For some reason, half always seems to pour out of your mouth and down your neck.
  • Those stretching noises you make sound like a baby Elephant.
  • You dislike your sponge baths. {I promise we will pull out your tub this week.}
  • You love your Mamaroo! It’s been our saving grace!
  • Daddy can get you to sleep 3-4 hour stretches in the bassinet.
  • You are mesmerized by the ceiling fan.
  • You like to be awake during big sisters nap and bed time. I hold you so you won’t wake her up. Sometimes I wear you in the afternoon. That way I can cuddle you and get some things accomplished.
  • Your big sister loves to says, “I see her eyes!” “She is so cute!” “I love her so much!” “I sing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ to her.”

I have to give a BIG SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to Karina from AppleEyeBabyShop! As my baby girl was quickly approaching one month I realized I had forgotten to order her Monthly Stickers. So I jumped on Etsy less than a week out from her one month. I fell in love with the purple and gray stickers from Karina’s shop, as they matched her nursery colors well! I quickly emailed Karina to see if they would arrive in time. Although she could not guarantee such a quick delivery, I decided to purchase them anyway. It was my fault for waiting until the last minute anyway. So I just told myself if I was a few days late photographing her that it was no big deal. But if you know me, you would know that wouldn’t be so easy for me. But to my SURPRISE, they arrived the day before her One Month and I couldn’t be happier!

dsc_0400 dsc_0405 dsc_0407


4 Tips To Make Life With A Newborn Easier

The newborn stage is hard work! In the weeks since bringing our second daughter home, we are amazed at just how much we have forgotten in a few short years. Extra laundry due to all the blow outs,  the constant bottle cleaning, and then add a toddler to the mix. It can seem pretty chaotic at times.

Luckily, there are some things we haven’t forgotten that can make life with a newborn a little easier.

  1. Assurance Underpads

Say what!? This may sound like an odd item to purchase for a newborn, but I can assure you they are total worth it! Every time our daughter would have an accident while changing her, the pads would protect the changing pad and cover. This cut down on the amount of laundry we had to do. We always kept one on our oldest daughters changing pad until we potty trained her. I always keep a few in the diaper bag as well. Even though most diaper bags come with a changing pad it never hurts to have a disposable underpad on hand. Especially when you are out and about and your little one needs a change, only to find the changing area isn’t the cleanest. Laying down a larger disposable underpad is much easier then using your changing pad that will need washed immediately. 


2.  Wet Wipe Container = Dirt Diaper Pail

We lived in a tiny two bedroom apartment until our oldest daughter was almost two. So we had to be selective on what items to put in the nursery. With limited space, a large garbage can or diaper genie was out of the question. So, I took the top off an empty wet wipe container and placed it on the dresser, next to the changing pad and WALA! We had a dirty diaper container. Granted it only held a few diapers before needing to be emptied, but it was totally worth not having dirty diapers laying everywhere while I changed her!


3.  Motherhood Maternity

This may sound odd, but make sure you purchase at least one item from here at the beginning of every pregnancy. Why? Well, a few reasons. First, I am fairly certain thats how Enfamil gets your information. So make sure you give Motherhood all your information(I usually give a junk email), including your due date. Don’t have one close by? No, problem! Make a purchase online. Even if your budget is super tight like mine, shop the clearance/sale rack for one useful item. Trust me, its worth it! Once your about 32 weeks along Enfamil sends you two small sample cans of formula and 4 ready to go powder sticks. They also send you $5 coupons for their cans of formula throughout the first year. Even if you plan to breast feed, its nice to have these on hand in case you need to supplement. If you don’t end up using them hopefully you can pass them to a friend.


Secondly, in the box you also receive this nice little booklet that not only talks about formula, but also touches upon baby’s first year milestones. Although I feel the booklet I received with my oldest daughter went a little more in-depth on the milestones then my current one, its still nice to have.


Finally, you receive a nice little gift the first time you shop their with each pregnancy. It’s usually coupons to different store and either a bottle or pacifier.

4.  Prescription Breast Pump

This is awesome! I didn’t learn about this until I was getting ready to leave the hospital. Ask your midwife/doctor to write you a prescription for a breast pump and take it to your medical supply store. Check with your insurance first to see how much they will cover. With my oldest we had to pay $50, which wasn’t bad at all considering how much they are at full price. With our second child we have a different insurance company and have yet to see a bill.

What are some of your favorite mommy hacks to make life with a newborn easier?