{Happy 3rd Birthday Princess}

We recently celebrated our daughters 3rd birthday. It’s no secret that I love planning her birthdays! In case you missed it, here is the previous post explaining how we celebrate birthdays in our family.

I know its sounds cliche, but I cannot believe she is three! It really is amazing how quickly the time goes. In the weeks leading up to her 3rd birthday I began noticing major changes in her little personality. Isn’t that always how it is? For months they seem the same – their little speech and movements seem so predictable. Then, almost sporadically, they begin to change right before your eyes!  These special moments are so fleeting…

It seems like only yesterday I was working on her birthday theme. As you know, I love creating a theme! I practically live on Pinterest for months, looking at decor I can attempt to make myself. Of course it never looks quite as glamorous as all that, but I love it nevertheless! I love creating cute themes on a budget and knowing I will get to reuse all the items again – even down to the special birthday outfits is a bonus!

I always knew her 3rd birthday would be a princess theme. So, last summer as we were cruising through the mall its no surprise that I had to stop when I spotted a pair of princess shoes! I bought the shoes two sizes too big in hopes they would fit for her birthday. These shoes were the beginning to narrowing down a broad theme, as they only featured the classic princesses. After perusing Pinterest, I chose a Snow White themed party. I loved the bold and vibrant color scheme.


I love a good Pinterest Birthday board! Oh the possibilities it presents! My personal favorite, the Poison Apple Bar! Using fruit is an inexpensive way to tie in the theme!


Of course being pregnant definitely made finding the motivation to create such beautiful decor somewhat challenging. It came down to the wire this year. I was busy cutting, hole punching, and hanging things up a mere hour before family was set to arrive! Honestly though, I am always thankful when no one arrives early, because I never seem to have everything ready until moments before the party is set to begin! Any other mamas like that?

Aside from my homemade decor, one of my favorite items were the Snow White Cookies! Seriously! How cute are these!? They were designed by my friend and fellow blogger, Michele of Vanilla Beans and Daydreams. You can also find her on Facebook.


My daughters sweet birthday outfit, which will be used again for princess #2, was created by Darling Amber’s Creations. She is one very talented Mama!


Headband from Simply Sweet – a little lady boutique.


One of the most important items on the checklist, Snow White herself! As I am sure most mothers can relate, here is where I made a mommy no, no! I opened my big mouth to my VERY un-forgetful toddler, mentioning that Snow White may make an appearance. No problem, right? Wrong!

We have several local princess companies in the area, so I thought there was nothing to worry about. Oh how wrong I was! I called the closest company in proximity to us six weeks in advance, only to learn two things. 1. My daughters birthday month is very popular and was already completely booked. 2. They were the only company who had Snow White. Ugh!

So there I was, scrambling to fix my mommy mishap! Luckily, I have some great mommy friends who directed me to an amazing high school drama student willing to lend her time and talent as Snow White! I have to say, it could not have gone any better! My daughter was thrilled and still talks about her tea party with Snow White! This was one amazing young lady, whom I am so grateful to for making my daughters day extra special! Thank you!


Needless to say, the party was a success! I can’t believe we have another birthday in the books! These sweet moments are so fleeting… As I packed up all the decorations and precious birthday attire, I realized in three short years I will be pulling it all out again for princess #2. I know this will come all too soon. So I am going to take a moment and relish in these last few months with my only baby girl.

{Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Snow White!}

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Photo Credit: Colette Brockman Photography
Photo Credit: Colette Brockman Photography


Birthdays, Birthdays, & More Birthdays!

I love birthdays! I have always loved birthdays! Growing up, my parents made sure our birthdays were very special. So, it goes without saying that when I became a mother I was beyond excited to plan our daughters birthdays!

Before my daughter even had her first birthday I had a general idea for themes 1 through 5. Yes, you read that right – 1 through 5. Of course, the ideas are just the beginning stages. In the months leading up to each birthday, I narrow it down and set a clear picture for the direction I want to go. As you can tell, I love to plan ahead – birthdays at least…

In the months leading up to our daughters first birthday we discussed not only how we want to celebrate hers, but future children as well. We decided that each child would have an extended family party for their first birthday. Donned with their own special birthday outfit as their keepsake. Each individual child would even have there own first birthday theme, based on the theme of their nursery. Every birthday after that would be a more intimate family affair.

Our reasoning came from a few simple thoughts. First and for most, we did not want our entire family to feel they must attend several birthdays a year as we add to our family. As we all know, with work and young children life can get pretty busy at times. So we felt receiving an invitation for only their first birthdays would be best. In my opinion, its also nice because I won’t have to explain why so and so was able to attend one child’s birthday but not the other. This way no child feels left out or as though their birthday is less important because it did not work with everyones schedule.

Some would say the first birthday isn’t that important, because the child won’t even remember it. While its true they won’t remember, my husband and I see it a little differently. If it wasn’t for those large first birthday parties we had as babies, we would not even have photographs or video with some family members. Even those we will never personally know some of those beautiful people, its nice to see photographs of us together. I love that I can watch the video of my first birthday to see and hear their voices, as they interact with me. It gives me a sense of connection to those beautiful and loving souls.

Birthdays are a great way to let out my creative side! Once I have selected a theme, I head straight to pinterest! Last year, I decided Minnie Mouse was the perfect theme for age two! Of course, pink Minnie Mouse simply wouldn’t do! It had to be the traditional red/black! Why? It isn’t just because I like the traditional Minnie and Mickey the best, which I do. My thought was I could reuse the decorations I created for a boy, if the colors are red and black. Which brings me to the birthday banner. With this in mind, I created the banner using both Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

I also love having a special birthday outfit to match the theme! With budget in mind, only each child’s first birthday outfit will have their name. Of course, my daughters birthday outfits won’t work for a boy, but they will definitely work for a girl. It just so happens we are expecting another little princess. So she will be able reuse decorations and birthday outfits for themes 2 through 5. So if you love to have a special outfit created for your little ones birthday, consider leaving off the name. Especially if you love the theme you selected so much, that you would love to reuse it!

As you can see, I love birthdays! The prep and planning is always exciting, but it doesn’t beat the bright smile on my daughters face during her special day! As her third birthday is fast approaching, I wanted to reflect on the last 3 years and how we have celebrated.

What do birthdays mean to you? How do you celebrate your little ones?

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first birthday (5)Photo Credit – Captured Moments by Sarah Fritch

first birthday (3)Photo Credit – Captured Moments by Sarah Fritch

first birthday (63)Photo Credit – Captured Moments by Sarah Fritch

first birthday (106)Photo Credit – Captured Moments by Sarah Fritch

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