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On Wednesday, we talked about achieving a better screen time balance for our kids.

Today I want to talk about what I feel to be some of the best T.V. programs for kids.

My favorite children’s T.V. program, Baby’s First! I didn’t stumble upon until we switched cable providers. At that point, my daughter was almost 22 months old. This program is beyond AMAZING! My personal favorite is Preschool Basics. This show literally has the BEST educational show on T.V. It has numbers, colors, words, and alphabet, ect. Our daughter counts along with the show and often says what’s on the screen before the program does. Honestly, I feel this show taught her how to count. I do love all the other programs on Baby’s First, Preschool Basics just happens to be my favorite. My daughter enjoys Tec the Tractor, Harry the Bunny, Squeak, Knee Bouncers, etc. This show has plenty for the infant/baby stage as well as, including a mommy and me class as one of their T.V. programs. My only regret is that I didn’t find this program sooner. If you are looking for something sweet and educational for your children then I encourage you to check out Baby’s First.

When my daughter was 8 months old, I began doing basic sign language with her. I started with simple signs such as; eat, hungry, milk, cup, diaper change, banana, etc. At one point I realized I had taken it as far as I could on my own. So I began looking for supplemental materials and that’s when I found Baby Signing Time! These DVD’s are wonderful! My daughter lights up when I put one on! She has learned so many signs and is fully engaged with the DVD’s. We have now moved on to Preschool Signing Time DVD’s, which are AMAZING! Eventually we hope to own EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. But for now the ABC’s DVD is fabulous. Currently, my favorite is the potty Time DVD! If you’re in the throws of potty training hell – then this DVD is for you!

Baby Einstein, my daughter absolutely adores these DVD’s. Even now, she is still completely memorized by those cute puppets! I love that the collection of DVD’s runs the gamut, from colors, shapes, numbers, languages, words, and sign language. These DVD’s have beautiful soft melodies that are not too loud or over powering. Baby Einstein DVD’s are very wholesome and educational. I also recommend Little Einstein’s on Disney Junior. My daughter loves to dance to the music!

Lastly, Your Baby Can Read DVD set is great! No, I don’t have it because I thought it would teach my daughter how to read. I have it and like it because its educational and it ties in with the Baby Signing Language Flash Cards we have. Honestly, just reading the books to her were great! Just to clarify – my daughter did not learn to read. However, I do feel it helped teach her small aspects, like waving to someone. I will definitely use this set with future children, as I did like the content, but it isn’t necessary to have.

What do you children watch? Do you have any educational programs your children really love?

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