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Pregnancy Music Belt : Ritmo

One of the first purchases I made shortly after finding out I was pregnant with my daughter was the Ritmo Pregnancy Audio Belt. Honestly, my husband and I truly feel it was one of the best investments we ever made. While there is no scientific research to prove it, we credit her ability to sleeping soundly from the moment she was born, to my wearing the audio belt. For us, this was a huge blessing because the walls of apartment living can seem very thin at times. So, it goes without saying that I pulled this little beauty right out of storage the second I found out we were expecting baby #2!

I always knew I would purchase some type of musical belt once I became pregnant. I remember thinking about it during my first few years of college. At the end of each semester, I would turn my books into the bookstore only to receive less than half of what I originally paid. One of these semester I had taken a history of classical music course as one of my general education classes. One of the items I was required to purchase was a set of classical music cd’s. While this is not my style of music, I remember thinking I am going to keep these cd’s for my future children someday. As it turns out, that was another great decision! Once the Ritmo arrived, we downloaded all those classical tunes to my husbands iPod.

I had looked at several belts online before finally selecting the Ritmo. Unlike the Ritmo, many of the belts I came across were just that – one belt that went around your belly and seemed very ill fitted. The Ritmo Pregnancy Audio Belt is very well constructed, hugging gentle around your belly with a set of four speakers strategically placed, making for a well created design. The belt also comes with one extender to ensure a good fit as your belly grows. It’s very easy to use and its soft structure makes for a very comfortable wear. I wear it for hours at home and often forget I have it on. It does not interfere with my daily house hold tasks such as; chasing my toddler, cleaning, cooking, etc.

Whether you are pregnant with your first or fourth child or want to get a unique baby shower gift for your best friend, I highly recommend the Ritmo Pregnancy Audio Belt! What are some of your favorite must haves for pregnancy and baby?

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