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Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday Shopping…

Whether you love or hate it, its there.

As a child, Black Friday shopping never even entered my mind. Our home was always buzzing with activity. My mother comes from a blended family. She is one of fourteen children. My father is the youngest of four. My parents hosted Thanksgiving every year until I started college.

As my cousins and I got older, the number of people attending Thanksgiving at our house became less and less. Now it’s just my sister, parents, my husband and I, our daughter, and a few uncles. We have a great time! But there is more down time now, then before.

So, on one Thanksgiving several years ago, I talked my mom and sister into going Black Friday Shopping for the first time ever. Of course this was back when it actually began on Friday. My mom thought I was crazy and frankly so did I.

We. Were. Hooked.

Every year since then we have gone out for Black Friday. We don’t stand in those crazy lines and bum rush a store the second it opens. Instead, we comb through the ads in the newspaper after dinner. Choosing to hunt for the items most practical. Leaving the house as most stores are opening to ensure there is no line once we arrive.

Now, with Black Friday starting on Thursday we still wait until after dinner to look at the ads. We don’t go out until several hours after the stores have opened.

Until this year…

I made the mistake of looking at the Toys R’ US ad ahead of time. Let’s just say, my husband and I ended up standing in line. It wasn’t terrible. We stood in a small line for maybe 20 minutes. The store was busy, but calm. We were in and out in about 15 minutes, train table in hand…

Did you go Black Friday Shopping this year? What were your must haves?

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