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Winter : No Coats : Car Seats

As winter is approaching, it means a few things in our home. Trading away all the beautiful, lightweight apparel for thick sweaters and ear muffs. It also means putting away the thick, puffy coats. No, you didn’t misread anything, but let me explain.

We live in the Midwest. As anyone who lives in the Midwest can tell you, the weather is unpredictable – with winter temperatures falling below 0. Yes, we own thick, puffy coats. No, we don’t wear them in the car. No, our daughter does not wear hers in the car seat. Click here to learn why coats are unsafe to wear while in the car seat and the other options available.

For us, we use a Car Seat Poncho. This will be her third winter wearing a poncho and we LOVE it!

5 reasons to LOVE the Car Seat Poncho

  1. It does NOT interfere with the car seat harness
  2. The zipper feature
  3. It is made of a thick polyester material
  4. Poncho sizes
  5. Easy to clean

Safety while riding in the car seat is our top priority. So, as parents, the most important feature of the Car Seat Poncho is that it does not interfere with the harnesses ability to function properly in the event of an accident. Like any new product, it took some getting use to. But after using it a handful of times, it was just as quick and easy to place my daughter in the car seat as before. In my opinion, the zipper is one of the BEST features! It allows me to place her in and situate her quickly, while unzipping the poncho long enough to properly secure the harness. Then, zipping it back up to keep her nice and warm!

The poncho material is warm and cozy! We purchased a size small when our daughter was just 6 months old.  A size small is for a child up to 35” inches. So, at a little over 32” inches, her poncho still fits perfectly. My last, but favorite feature for a busy mom like myself, is that its easy to clean! I just throw it in the washing machine and we are good to go! This will be her third winter wearing it and as you can see from the recent photos, its in perfect condition!

What do your kids wear in the car seat to keep them safe and warm?

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The sad face is because she realize we were not going any where.
The sad face is because she realized we were not going any where.