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Pumpkin Patch Fun + Toddler Friendly Decorating


Halloween is a huge deal in our house, thanks in part to Charlie Brown! When our toddler was a mere 18 months old, I turned on the annual broadcast of, “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” With all the current, more flashier cartoons, I wasn’t expecting much. So imagine my surprise when I realized my daughter was completely memorized. Thank God I DVRed it! Since then, we discuss all things Halloween, including pumpkins, year round!

This past weekend we drove back to visit family and made a stop at our local pumpkin patch. It’s the same one we have taken our toddler to since she was a baby. There isn’t an array of flashy activities like some. Instead, its a quaint family owned farm, just off the beaten path. While it can get busy, it never feels crowded and the pumpkins are reasonably priced. The weather was a perfect, sunny and 65 degrees.

This year I was in search of the perfect little pumpkin for some toddler friendly fun! Once we settled on the perfect, pumpkins – one for traditional carving and the other for my toddler to enjoy, we headed straight for grandma’s house!


We did what I like to call, “The Rainbow Pumpkin Activity” at their house, because grandma owns a blow dryer! (Thanks mom! 😉

I did a similar activity when I taught, except I used a poster bored instead of a pumpkin. But I have to say, I like the pumpkin better!

I used a hot glue gun to attach some older crayons around the top of the pumpkin. Then, with the help of my mom, my daughter began melting the crayons with the hair dryer. The crayons melted faster when the blow dryer was pointing directly down on the crayons. My daughter was a amazed as the bright, bold colors began to drip down, consuming every inch of the once white pumpkin!

It was a quick and easy activity, that created little mess! The best part – it fed my daughters Halloween obsession and we still made it home in time to see the Cubs win their division!

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