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Mickey Mouse Takes Over Our Kitchen!

Mickey Mouse runs our house! If you have seen my recent post about birthdays, then you know my daughter had a Minnie Mouse themed 2nd birthday. To be honest, I think that’s where it all began.

While she loves all things Minnie Mouse – from the t.v. shows to the bowtique toys, its Mickey who is steering this ship! She has three different sets of plush Mickey/Minnie Mouse stuffed animals and while she loves them both dearly, Minnie often gets tossed to the side. Usually with a resounding, “Don’t want it!”

So, what has created this household rift between the beloved Mouse duo? My guess – our kitchen!

Mickey Mouse has now taken over our kitchen and that’s no joke! My toddler constantly asks for all her favorite foods, which consist of – you guessed it, Mickey Mouse! Everything from Mickey Mouse Waffles, to Mickey Mouse Pancake Poppers, and Mickey Mouse Pizzas.


It all started a few years ago, during one of my Black Friday Shopping trips. I came across a Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker, which quickly became a huge hit. So, this past year I was on the hunt for another kid-friendly kitchen appliance. Insert Mickey Mouse Cake Popper, which quickly became a Pancake Popper breakfast staple!


In betweens these two purchases I was trying to come up with a Mickey Mouse lunch option, so she would quit begging for waffles at every meal! That’s when I came up with my Mickey Mouse pizza recipe!


Minnie/Mickey Sandwich Cutter (found at Wal-Mart for $2)

Whole Wheat Tortilla Shells

Pizza Sauce (When I am in a pinch I grab a jar. Otherwise I grab some tomatoes and make a basic homemade sauce.)

Spinach (or whatever veggie your toddler enjoys)

Pepperoni (I prefer to purchase slices from the deli, but boxed ones work just fine.)

Shredded Cheese


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Use the sandwich cutter to cut out the amount of Mickey Mouse heads needed from the tortilla shells. Spray the same number of muffin tins needed with cooking spray. Place Mickey Mouse ears up in the muffin tins. Spoon on pizza sauce. Layer with cut up pieces of spinach and pepperoni. Top with cheese and place in the oven for 12 minutes. Remove and let cool for 5 minutes before removing them from the pan!

Eat. Enjoy. Mickey Mouse!

What foods are your toddlers currently obsessed with? How do you make food fun?

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3 Tips To Combat The Picky Eater

I feel like the “picky eater”, as the phrase is coined, has become a hot button topic in the mommy world of social media. Often times I will see posts through different forums, asking for advice on how to combat their picky eater. The question seems innocent enough. As a mother myself, I will be the first to admit I don’t know it all. So, its always nice to talk with other moms and hear what works for them. Yet, when its comes to the picky eater, posts often become a heated debate. People bickering with one another over their advice.

In truth, we are all strong, loving mothers just trying to do the best we can. I feel we should love and celebrate each others journey through motherhood. With that being said, its through my own experiences that I have figured out how to combat my picky toddler. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to children and food, but I have come up with a few tips that I would like to share.

3 Tips To Combat The Picky Eater

  1. Don’t make eating the food a big deal.

This was VERY difficult for me at first. When my daughter began the picky eater stage, meals became a point of contention. The more pressure I put on her to eat, the less likely she was touch anything on her plate.  So, one day I decided to bit my tongue. I sat her plate in front of her and walked away. Of course I stayed in the kitchen to keep an eye on her, but I pretended to appear busy. I shuffled papers, wiped down the countertops, and ignored the “all done” she would scream in the first few minutes. Leaving the plate in front of her for a reasonable 30 minutes pre meal. It didn’t happen over night, but by the end of the week she began eating a little of everything on her plate with no complaints.

2.  Cook Together

I have mentioned this tip before in a previous blog post called, Little Hands in the Kitchen. Having my daughter cook with me has truly been one of the best tips in combating the picky eater stage. Giving her the opportunity to work with and help to make the food gives her a sense of pride. It makes her want to try something because she had a hand in its creation. For example, I have had her put spinach in the blender whenever we make fruit smoothies and other meals. After almost a year of putting this ingredient in her food, she will now pick it up and eat it raw! No joke! I can set spinach leaves on her plate and she will eat them by the handful! Honestly, I never expected that! But she loves to try each ingredient now, before combining them together.

3.   Negotiate

Now that our toddler is approaching 3, negotiating during meal time has become helpful. She is now at the age where we do require she try one bite of each item on her plate. So, telling her she can be all done if she tries one bite of “XYZ” is helpful. Or if she wants to eat a sweet snack after dinner, she needs to eat so much of each item. Sometimes she wants second or third helpings of vegetables. Honestly, I consider this a mommy win! So I just keep refilling. On the other hand if she wants another helping of pasta for example, then I say sure once you have two “big girl” bites of this vegetable or fruit. Then, I refill with a tiny portion of pasta and repeat the two bites rule before another pasta helping.

Do you have a picky eater? What has worked for your family in expanding their palette?

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Dinner on the Fly : “I want soup!”

Last week I had a Mommy moment. You know, the ones where you forget to do something important. In my case, it was dinner. I forgot to throw dinner in the slow cooker until nearly 3:00pm. So at that point, I rushed around my kitchen like a crazy person in an effort to get everything together quickly. I turned the slower cooker on high, estimating dinner would be ready no earlier then 7:00pm. A little late, but I didn’t think much of it and went on with my day.

Then, 5:30pm came and my toddler began pulling on me and saying, “I want soup!” If you know me, you know my philosophy on food. I am not a short order cook. I make one meal for the whole family. My daughter doesn’t have to eat it, but she doesn’t receive specialized meals. In this case, however, I had to make an exception. After all, it was my fault dinner wouldn’t be served until much later, so of course she was hungry now!

Dinner on the fly! I want soup!

Well, at least she requested something that could be made rather quickly and healthy. To be honest, I was surprised she wasn’t begging for popcorn and ice cream! Anyway, it was getting late, so I immediately went to the fridge and ransacked it. Pulling out all the vegetables we had. If you are wondering why I didn’t run to the cupboard and pull out a can of soup, its because we didn’t have any. Its not that we don’t purchase cans of soup occasionally, but we usually like to make it ourselves.

I pulled out a potato, carrots, spinach, and vegetable broth. Figuring I could make a vegetable soup, I began pouring the broth into the pot. Unfortunately, there wasn’t even enough broth to coat the bottom of the pan. I rushed to the cupboard and grabbed a packet of beefy onion soup mix. Filled the pan with water and dumped the contents of the packet in. While the soup mix was simmering on medium heat, I began cutting up all the vegetables. Slicing them as thinly as possible, to ensure they became tender quickly.

I went to the fridge in one last effort to add some protein. Luckily, I came across a tuberware bowl of chicken I had made a few days earlier. Originally, the chicken was marinated in Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, seasoned with pepper, and baked in the oven. So, needless to say, it was already filled with flavor. I shredded what was left and poured it into the pot. The soup was left on medium heat, stirring occasionally for 20-25 minutes.


Ranch Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Now that’s what I call dinner on the fly! So, what’s in your fridge? What meal can you make on the fly?

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Favorite Christmas Finds and Deals

As you know, I love Black Friday Shopping! My favorite part is finding deals on items I can use all throughout the year. I enjoy pouring over the ads on Thanksgiving – deciding which places are a must! This year was no different!

This year, there was ONE ad I was eagerly rummaging through the pile for. The Younkers ad! Why?? They have amazing, kid-friendly kitchen appliances that get my daughter excited for meals! The best part, each item was under $10!!

Since these precious items are door buster deals and we wait until after stores have already been open before venturing out – there is always a good chance I will miss out. While I hate the idea of missing out on these kitchen gadgets, sometimes it happens. Of course, I always cross my fingers and hope I am luckily enough to find a hidden stash.

My mom is my secret weapon! That lady could find the needle in the haystack, if you ask her! Honestly, she has secret ninja shopping skills like no one I have ever seen.

So, in 2014, we went into Younkers. Hoping to find the Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker, which was a $9.99 door buster deal. Of course the designated table was empty by the time we arrived. So my mom went on a hunt through the store, with one goal in mind!


I had my toddler sized waffle maker! I love it! It makes breakfast quick and easy! My daughter requests waffles often in our house!


This Black Friday, I wanted to add to my collection. The Door Buster – a FROZEN Waffle Maker! If you think Mickey is hard to get, he has nothing on a waffle maker in the shape of a snowflake!! I knew arriving almost 5 hours after the doors opened, most likely meant I would have to “Let It Go.”

Enter my mother!

While the snowflake waffle maker was in fact gone, leave it to my mother to find something better! A waffle maker in the shape of Olaf for $9.97! It wasn’t in the ad. Could that price even be right!? I mean, its way better than a snowflake! Next to that, a Mickey Mouse Cake Pop Maker for $4.99!


I love my kid-friendly kitchen gadgets and my daughter can wait to try them out!

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Recipe Failure

It’s no secret that I enjoy creating new and delicious recipes for my toddler. Inspiration seems to be everywhere, as my newsfeed explodes with short video clips of tasty foods. We even enjoyed a few amazing dinners from those videos. So, when I saw a breakfast recipe which appeared to be easy, quick, and appetizing – I knew I had to give it a try.

Recipe Failure…

The recipe had ingredients my daughter loves – toast and cheese. Eggs were also a main ingredient. Like any toddler, sometimes she loves them and sometimes not. So, I began changing a few things. Here is where I began my first recipe failure in a VERY long time.


  • Use a spoon to indent the center of bread
  • Crack and drop an egg in the center
  • CHANGE: My daughter is big on texture. If I cut into a piece of toast and orange oozed out, she wouldn’t try it. So I scrambled the egg…
  • Buttered the edges of the bread and placed shredded cheese over the butter
  • The egg soaked through the bread like french toast
  • Had a little egg left over, so I dumped it on the bread and placed it in the oven immediately
  • Cook at 400 F for 15 minutes


This recipe inspired me to try the same thing with other ingredients my daughter loves! Also a recipes failure…


  • Use a spoon to indent the center of bread
  • Place cut up strawberries in the center
  • Pour pancake batter on top
  • Sprinkle sugar around the edges
  • Cook at 400 F for 15 minutes


The eggs were overcooked and the pancake was undercooked! Needless to say – I tossed them out and made a typical pancake for my girl! While my adventures in the kitchen aren’t always successfully, they do create some great memories.


What was you latest kitchen catastrophe?

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