Update : {9 & 10 Months}

This summer has proved to be a busy one baby girl, filled with lots of firsts. And in all that time this post just sat here. Your list of firsts were completed months ago, so I wouldn’t forget anything. Yet this post sat here as we continued on with parties and milestones. Relishing all that life with you, as a family of four has to offer. So without further introduction, here is a look at your 9 & 10 Month milestones.

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{Update 9 Months}

  • April 10 – You pulled yourself up to a sit-up position by pulling up on the activity seat.
  • April 13 – You did it! Your FIRST word was MAMA! Yay! I was holding you in my lap and you said it loud and clear!
  • April 15 – Your first snack of Gerber Apple Puffs were a hit!
  • April 20 – Watermelon was a deviously new discovery.
  • April 21 – Pineapple was a funny/sour faced introduction, but that didn’t stop you from chowing down!
  • April 24 – Today was met with several firsts. Eggs and peanut butter were two new delicious  foods added to your platte. It was also your first time in the baby Einstein Jumper. You think it’s ok, but you prefer your freedom. It was a nice sunny day, which also required your first use of both sun screen and sun hat.
  • April 26 – Cucumbers were NOT a welcomed new taste.
  • April 28 – Beef Stroganoff was a delicious new dinner option. You could not get enough!
  • April 29 – You have officially joined our Saturday pancake breakfast! It warms my heart to have us all together for Saturday morning breakfast!
  • April 30 – Who loves Chicken!? This bundle of cuteness!
  • May 1 – I woke up to this little girls voice coming over the monitor saying Mama, while in her crib. Be still my heart! <3
  • May 5 – Italian Beef is a true menu winner!
  • May 6 – Your SECOND word was Dada! Daddy is definitely thrilled, but you prefer to say Mama!

{Update 10 Months}

  • May 7 – Blueberries and homemade fries are a delicious new treat!
  • May 26 – You clapped your hands together for the first time as I was loading you up into the car this morning.
  • May 31 – You went to bed at the same time as big sister. I simply gave you a bottle, burped you, and laid you in the crib. You went right to sleep!
  • June 5 – You pulled yourself up to a standing position for the first time! You pulled yourself up on the bath tub while big sister was talking a bath.
  • June 6 – You little copycat! When we sneeze you mimic us, its beyond cute!

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{Milestone Cards} + A Six Month Update

*This is a sponsored post by Milestone. All opinions are my own.

It’s no secret that I love to keep track of my baby’s monthly growth and development. Even now, as I type this my blue-eyed beauty is moving her left hand every which way, while staring in amazement. It’s something she has been doing for months now, but each time is like the first for her.

As a busy mom of two, I tend to capture a majority of those major milestones using my camera phone. At the end of the month you can find me scrolling through the photos on my iPhone, in effort to remember why I took each one. Unfortunately, it’s not the most effective system.

Milestone Cards

This idea of capturing baby’s major milestones came from Gemma Broekhuis. She was a mother on a mission, determined to capture her sons first year. She wrote his milestones down on makeshift cards and photographed her son with each one. By using photographs, Gemma realized how easy it was to grasp these moments. She also knew how easy it would be to forget. So, she set out to make her idea into a reality for parents around the world. In May of 2012, the first sets of Baby Cards by Milestone were ready. Now her cards are available to parents across the globe, spanning 40 countries and in 22 languages.

These cards are revolutionary in my efforts to give baby #2 a detailed record of her beginnings. Every parent knows it is always the first child who has the most detailed record of their childhood. Not because they are loved more, but because life seems to get busier and busier. So instead of spending time writing moments down, you just live in them. Unfortunately, we do tend to forget the current moments as time marches on to create new ones.

This is why I feel these Baby Cards by Milestone are revolutionary! These cards are so much more than a month to month update. While cards for months 1-12 are included. This box of 30 cards offers photo opportunities for several major milestones, from the first time baby rolled over, to first food, the first time baby stood, and everything in between. It’s all laid out for you. Just date the card at the bottom and your baby it ready for a quick photo op. No more scrolling through your iPhone trying to remember why you took that photo!

So whether your expecting your first or your fifth baby, consider these cards an important aspect for capturing his/her first year.

How do you capture your baby’s first year? I would love to hear all about it!?

Baby Girl – {Sixth Month Update}

  • January 13th was the first time I dressed you and big sister in matching outfits. You both wore a puppy dog sweater dress with matching leggings and socks.
  • January 19th was your first baby story time experience at the library. We stayed for both sessions and you fell asleep during the second.
  • You have found your voice! The second week of January you began screaming while on your play mat one evening.
  • You are pushing yourself up with your hands when you are on your tummy.
  • January 29th, I dressed you both alike for a second time. Matching puppy dog sweaters, heart leggings, and socks.
  • One of my favorite moments from the last few months is when you are sitting on my lap, facing me, with your little hands touch my face and you have a big smile as I coax you to say mama! I just know you will eventually say it first! 🙂
  • You love to grab toys I hold in front of you. You have been doing that since Christmas!
  • You roll over to reach for toys in close proximity to you!

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