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A May Birthday And A Dragonfly Nursery

Photo Credit: Colette Brockman Photography

If you have been with me from the start, then you know I am a planner by nature. I am always thinking ahead – to the next occasion, the next milestone. I spend months prepping and planning every detail to emulate the vision in my head.

Unfortunately, we can’t always plan ahead. We can’t always prepare ourselves for what is to come. Life is a journey, filled with both immense  joy and deep sorrow.

In 2012, I was pregnant with my first child. I was basking in the joy of this new chapter in our lives. This new journey I was about to embark on, when tragedy struck. I lost a very dear friend. A childhood friend. We had grown up together during those very awkward high school years. Although college lead us down separate paths, we were able to stay consistent in our friendship and when I married my husband in 2009, she was right there by my side.

I like to think that each friendship we have brings something different to the table. A unique social quality within our own inner circle that no one else could possess. She was a straight shooter. Meaning, she always told it like it was. No sugar coating or dancing around a hard topic. She wasn’t mean or harsh. She was incredibly thoughtful and wise. She was the perfect person to talk to when you were trying to sort through something. That’s what I tell people. That’s what she brought to the table.

Since her passing, I have never meet another person who possesses the same quality. Something that is both wonderful and extremely frustrating all at the same time.

Sometimes when I am driving somewhere by myself, I will talk to her about everything and nothing. Wheeling her to help me sort through things or give me a sign as to which path I should take next. Often times, just telling her how much I miss her…

So I thought, what better way to celebrate my dear friends birthday today, then by talking about the inspiration behind my second daughters nursery.

A Dragonfly Nursery

After her passing, I found a necklace she had given to me as a birthday gift one year. The stone was a lavender hue, with metal dragonflies surrounding the top. In that moment, it occurred to me that this would make the perfect nursery theme for a little girl.

While pink is my signature color and I had already settled on butterflies for my daughters nursery, I knew if I ever had a second daughter, this necklace would be the inspiration behind her nursery. And three years later, it was meant to be.

So as you make your way down the hall, you will find a small nursery donned in her signature color. Complete with lavender sheets, curtains, a changing cover, and crib quilt. Beyond the colorful accents of the room you will notice something else – dragonfly’s all a flutter.

Nursery Decor

  • Dragonfly mirrors I purchased from Amazon.
  • Purple and gray dragonflies cut out of card stock, so friends and family could write well-wishes to baby “A.”
  • Dragonfly digital art piece from ArtsyTypeShop on Etsy. She was wonderful about changing the font to a lavender color!
  • The most important piece of decor – The Dragonfly Necklace. 

**Frames, hook, and mirror purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Happy Birthday my friend. I have yet to meet anyone who can match your qualities. As you peek in on each of my girls, I hope your heart is full.

But most of all…

“I hope you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with fairies and talk to the moon.”

Love always,


Preparing For Baby #2 : Are you ready?

 Are you ready?

Wherever my round belly and I go, this is the question I receive most often. In a previous post, I talked all about this current pregnancy and shared some of my feelings. Since writing that post, my answer to the infamous question, “Are you ready?”, is still very much the same.


No, I am not ready… Honestly, it feels as though I will never be ready. This simply question makes me want to jump out of my skin! It’s not that it bothers me when someone asks, because it doesn’t. It’s one of the first questions that pops into a persons mind when they see a large round belly coming their way. I, myself, have asked that question at least a million times. So why does it make me want to run in the opposite direction? Well, because  it instantly sends my brain into overdrive – thinking of the laundry list of items still not done!

Laundry List – Baby #2

  1. Clean out and organize the nursery closet. (We had previously used this closet as extra storage. It also happens to be the smallest and most awkwardly made closet in the whole house. It was build based on the location of the room. So, not only is it tiny, but in order to utilize every square inch of shelf capacity you have to crawl inside. Obviously this is not ideal and based on the location the closet it cannot be reconfigured.)
  2. Nursery furniture. (The issue is not with the nursery furniture, as we have all the necessary items from our first child. Unfortunately, our oldest doesn’t have a new set of bedroom furniture. So we have not been able to place the nursery dresser and storage cubicle in the nursery. We have been hunting for a preowned adult sized dresser that I could have refurbished. Although we visit every local secondhand store  each week, I just haven’t found what I am looking for.)
  3. Nursery Decor. (I realize this is not a “big deal”, as the baby doesn’t care. But it is something I enjoy doing! I love carefully selecting and pinning ideas for a sweet, yet sophisticated theme that can grow with her. I finally have a clean picture of how I want it decorated. It’s just a matter of purchasing the last few items and hanging them on the wall.)
  4. Clothing. (With our oldest daughter I made the mistake of not organizing her out grown clothes before packing them away! Ugh! I now have all different sizes shoved together in several boxes! My poor husband is pulling them out as we speak, so I can spend all night going through them! This time I will be armed with labels and a sharpie, so I never have this headache again!)
  5. Organizing the nursery. (This is a tough one. Remember, this is the smallest room with the smallest closet in the house. So even if the dresser and storage cubicle were in the nursery, it still wouldn’t be enough…)

So, while I am still not ready for this baby’s arrival I know eventually it will all get done. Even if it takes a little longer than expected. For now, I will head down stairs with labels and a sharpie in hand, ready to tackle the mount of boxes that awaits me!

Were you “ready” for the birth(s) of your baby(s)?

Copyrighted By: Boldly Bravely You



Third Trimester : {A Letter To My Unborn Daughter}

Dear Sweet Baby Girl #2,

Here we are in the third trimester. Where did the time go? Honestly baby girl, where did it go? I feel this pregnancy with you has gone so quickly, that I haven’t had much time to relish in these last few moments of carrying you under my heart. I just want time to stop, to keep you safe within my belly just a little bit longer…

So tonight, I am writing you this letter as a way to document our first nine months together. It’s my own way of freezing time with you. As if I am bottling it up in a time capsule, to keep forever.

I already know your a feisty little one. While I experienced small bouts of nauseous with your big sister, you have made your presents known from the very beginning. I could barely get off the couch for almost six weeks – living on Ritz Crackers and water. While I still cooked breakfast and lunches for your sister, Daddy has graciously taken over dinner. Maybe you knew how busy our lives would be and you wanted to make sure you didn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Trust me baby girl when I say that’s absolutely not possible. We have spent most days talking about you and preparing for your arrival. While things have started to come together, I must admit, I still feel completely unprepared. Honestly, its probably the hormones, but for some reason I feel I can’t make any decisions.

But here is what I do know:

  • I know that you will arrive even if we haven’t selected a name…
  • I know you will arrive even if your nursery isn’t finished…
  • I know you will arrive even if I can’t decide on an outfit for your newborn photos…
  • And I know that I already love you more than you will ever understand!

While I admit, many of these decisions are trivial, they are ones I enjoy contemplating. Although, it feels a little harder this time around. I think that’s because I want you to feel just as important and loved as your big sister.

I want your nursery to be a reflection of you, so you are given your own special touch. For you baby girl, I have chosen a grey and lavender color scheme with dragonflies. I wanted something that I felt could grow with you, making it the perfect choice. Finding the right decor is another story entirely…

It’s not just about getting everything ready for you, it’s also about you. I spend time dreaming you up in my mind. Will you be a blonde beauty like your big sister, a brunette like me, or will you get your fathers once bright red hair? Will you be a five pound peanut or chunky monkey? Will you be as wild and loud as I imagine? If so, should I choose a stronger name to match your spirit or a softer name for a delicate touch?

Since you no longer allow me to get much sleep at night, I have extra time to think about you and dream you up. Of course, nothing will be as good as finally getting to hold you in my arms!

Some last few details about this special time with you:

  • I have been able to eat meat this entire pregnancy (minus the nauseous phrase where every food imaginable sounded awful.)
  • Cheese has been a go to item! I often make myself a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Although I do crave cheese balls, mozzarella sticks, cheese fries, etc. (Luckily I have been good about only giving into those items a few times a month.)
  • Lately its all about chicken and your Dad couldn’t be happier! While I am a meat eater, beef has always been my go to. Chicken just wasn’t my thing, until now, that is! Now, I am all about chicken salads, wraps, and sandwiches.
  • The first time I felt you kick was in May. We were at the movie theater watching the Avengers: Age of Ultron.
  • I had the ultrasound tech check three times to make sure you were in fact a girl! I couldn’t believe God was blessing us with another beautiful princess!
  • You are an extremely active little girl, moving around all hours on the day and night! Kicking me harder than your sister ever did. Maybe that means you will be an amazing soccer player?! lol!
  • When we ask your big sister what we should name you, she thought her name would be the best choice! Although, now she has taken to calling you “carrot baby!” Hehehe!
  • Your big sister loves to rub my belly and bury her face in it to give you kisses!
  • Tonight she declared you will play tea party with her!

So sweet baby girl of mine, I am going to relish in these last few moments of carrying you under my heart. I am going to freeze this time and bottle it up, if only for a moment… Then I am going to wrap you in my arms and whisper, “I love you to the moon and back.” 

Copyrighted By: Boldly Bravely You

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