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{Milkmaid Goods} : The Perfect Nursing Poncho

    DSC_0238*This is a sponsored post by Milkmaid Goods. All opinions are my own.

As we began counting down the days to the arrival of our second daughter, thoughts of having to nurse in public filled my mind. My oldest is set to start preschool in the Fall and logistically it would make the most sense if I stayed in town for those few hours rather than driving back home. So, I would become a nursing mama on the go! This was a whole new ballgame for me!

I don’t have a nursing cover!

Instantly I was in a panic, with one question consuming my every thought. Where could I find a nursing cover that would provide me with enough coverage to feel comfortable nursing in public?? The only nursing covers I had ever seen were the ones that tied around the neck like a bib. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of being exposed on the sides, especially since I was still getting the hang of nursing.

{Milkmaid Goods}

Milkmaid Goods is an amazing company that creates the most beautiful and functional nursing covers ever! I was gifted their {Sweet Pea} Nursing Cover and it was LOVE at first sight!


First of all, these are nursing ponchos, not covers! Needless to say Milkmaid Goods provided me with the full coverage I deeply desired! My fears of having a nursing cover fall off in public were quickly dispelled once I put on this gorgeous poncho!

These amazing ponchos were created with comfort in mind for the nursing mom on the go!   They are made of a cotton/spandex jersey knit. It’s a lightweight, stretchy, soft, and breathable fabric designed to make nursing your baby a comfortable experience. I love how easy it is to slip on and I don’t feel weighted down by another layer of clothing. Seriously, this poncho is so lightweight and breathable, that it makes nursing on the go a breeze!


The opening at the neck is wide enough that I can peek in on my sweet baby girl to make sure she has latched properly without exposing anything. These nursing ponchos measure approximately 42″ from sleeve to sleeve and 42″ from top to bottom.

Milkmaid Goods created these ponchos with moms in mind, as they are multi functional. They can also be used as a carseat cover when your out and about on those beautiful days and you little one needs a bit more coverage from the Sun.


Forgot a blanket and there is a chill in the air? No problem! Just pull out your nursing poncho and use it as a blanket for your sweet babe.


Who doesn’t love a good poncho!? It’s my go-to item from Fall through Spring. Milkmaid Goods put fashion in mind when creating these beauties. So much so, that I can wear this beauty out for date night with the hubby or girls night out and no one would ever know that I also use it to nurse! I get so many compliments when I am out and about! I feel like Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias when she says,

“Pink is my signature color.”


Not only are these nursing poncho comfortable and easy to use, but they are also super easy to clean! Just throw it in the washing machine using cold water and lay flat to dry. Making life for this busy mama super easy!

So, if you know someone expecting or you just haven’t found the right nursing cover, then I encourage you to check out Milkmaid Goods! I cannot say enough good things about their nursing ponchos! They are truly amazing and have become one of my MUST-HAVE items in the diaper bag!

What are your MUST-HAVE items in the diaper bag?