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{Baby Ballerina} : Fleeting Moments

Last Saturday we attended my daughters first dance recital. It was so adorable! Seriously, watching all those baby ballerina’s move about was the sweetest sight! My girl was so proud of herself, you could see the excitement in her little face. She was one of the eager ones. Truly fearless, that’s my girl! She got right up there and gave it her all. I just love all the pink, frilly things that come with having a little girl! Probably because I have always been a girly, girl myself. So watching her twirly around in a frilly pink tutu was highlight for me!

As a mother, this was a moment I had dreamed of since before she was born and it flew by in an instant. After all, these precious little moments are so fleeting… But it was more than that. I feel as though I was so caught up in capturing every moment on camera, that I forgot to be present IN the moment. Everything went so quickly and I didn’t stop to take it all in. Later that evening, I looked back at the footage I had captured and realized I missed some things at time. It definitely bothered me that I was just now noticing them on film…

While I am not prefect and I don’t have the solution to the problem, at least now I am more aware. So next time I will be able to be more present IN the moment. Next time I will work on creating a better balance between capturing each moment and being present IN the moment. Because I don’t want to miss one single twirl from my Baby Ballerina

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