Enlightenment Monday’s : Gruff! : Finding Inspiration In The Oddest Of Places

Enlightenment Monday’s. I realized pretty quickly that I needed to give these Monday posts of my mine, a name. Since this month has been so fruitful in answers and direction, I feel enlightenment is the perfect word to describe these posts.

To be honest, I didn’t think I would be sitting here writing another one of these posts. Up until yesterday, this past week hadn’t been so forth coming with answers. That’s ok. Or at least, that’s what I was telling myself. I mean this is my month to be still and I cannot expect an answer every time I turn around. That isn’t how it works.

So I continued on, business as usual. Speaking to God, enjoying my family, and working on my goals. Then, yesterday we took our preschooler to see a children’s play.

Gruff! The Three Billy Goats Musical

Isn’t it funny how sometimes we gain insight or inspiration in the unlikely of places? I sure didn’t think I would be getting mine from a children’s musical. Watching the actors chase each other through the aisles, as the audience laughed in excitement. Nevertheless, there I was, plagued with inspiration. It was as if God was saying, Open your eyes and look closely at everything surrounding you.

In truth, I knew nothing of this play. I had never even heard of this tale before. So I don’t know if this was the original story line or another version. What I can tell you, is the one I saw, was three versions of the same story rolled into one.

The musical began with a boy who longed to cross a bridge and see the world, but was too afraid. The narrator then sat him down to listen to a story about the troll who lived under the bridge and the three billy goats who were trying to cross it.

First, the story was told from the perspective of the three billy goats. Although the troll was insistent the events happened differently. So the story was then told from the point of view of the troll himself.

Then, the narrator explained this story in fact had nothing to do with the goats or the troll. This story was about a young boy who wanted to see the world and find his way. He learned that everyone has something to offer. It’s merely about finding it and using it to his full potential. And although he was afraid to embark on this new journey, he must {Brave} and do it anyway. 

“There are those who say fate is something beyond our command, that destiny is not our own. But I know better. Our fate lives within us… you only have to be brave enough to see it.” – Merida, Brave

If that wasn’t enough of a nudge, God decided to then give me a gentle shove. Saturday night also happened to be date night for the hubby and I. While we love going to movies or checking errands off our list that are far easy to get done without the kids, my favorite nights by far are the ones with no movie or set plan. Those dates are set with a relaxing tone and filled with conversation.

One topic my husband pressed was my blog. He has been adamant for months that I need an Instagram account for my blog. Honestly, he is probably right. Ok, I know he is right. But I feel like I am still in the learning stages. Plus, with a Facebook Page and Pinterest Account, the idea of adding another social media outlet feels overwhelming. Or maybe it’s fear? Instagram is a completely new platform and isn’t there always a bit of fear when trying something new?

My current goal: to create an Instagram account by the end of summer…

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Education before Preschool

“Can you recommend any educational workbooks or other items for toddlers?” This is a question I received often as an elementary teacher. My answer was always the same, “Children at that age learn the best through play and conversation.”

Now that I have a daughter of my own, I can honestly say that I still whole-heartedly feel the same way. Interacting with your children is the best educational tool you can give them right from the start and it doesn’t cost a cent.

Here are some tips for educational interaction:

• Reading books to your child from birth
• Point objects out to your child and explain what they are, whether you’re at   home or out for a walk – “Can you hold the red ball?” “Do you see the green leaf?”
• Talk about what you are doing – “I am pouring a cup of flour into the mixing bowl.”
• As you are playing with them you can ask questions about their toys – “What color is this puzzle piece?” “What is this called?”
• Attend your local library story time for their age group
• Do age appropriate arts and crafts projects with your child

This past summer my daughter really enjoyed using sidewalk chalk. She would request I draw shapes and letters. As I drew them, I would prompt her, “What letter is this?” “What color am I using?” “What shape is this?”


Education doesn’t always have to involve sitting at the table with workbooks. Even with my own elementary students I would consistently make an effort to find out of the box activities to simulate learning. Dena has a great post about how she is educating her son at home. I plan on trying out her shape activity with my daughter this winter!

As a mom, I now realize from my own experience that my answer won’t completely satisfy every parent, myself included. This past February, as I was filling out countless preschool waitlist forms, I had a mini “freak out.” Even though preschool is a year and a half away, in my mind it didn’t feel like enough time to make sure she is prepared. When in truth she is very prepared. Through reading and play she has learned her colors, shapes, numbers, alphabet, and counting.

But I will admit – through my own panic of feeling as though preschool is fast approaching, I myself, began searching for educational tools. Any teacher will tell you their two favorite places to shop for classroom items is the Dollar Tree and Target’s dollar section. So this summer, I found myself making a few trips to check out their inventory. I found some great items that we use a few times a week! So if you are looking for those additional educational tools, I recommend shopping there!

What fun, educational activities do you do with your children?

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