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TreeSchoolers & (A Giveaway)


                           Photo Credit: Two Little Hands Productions

*This is a sponsored post by Two Little Hands Productions. All opinions are my own.

 A while back I talked with you about some of my favorite educational programs. One of those programs was a Two Little Hands Productions, Signing Time DVD/CD’s. It’s no secret that I love these DVD’s! So, when I was presented with the opportunity to review Rachel & The TreeSchoolers: Our Solar System, I jumped at the chance!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better…

Before reviewing Rachel & The TreeSchoolers: Our Solar System DVD/CD, I assumed this would be simple. I already have six of their DVD/CD’s after all. So I thought, what would be the difference, right? I mean, I already know they are captivating and educational.


But there is a difference! 

While Baby Signing Time and Signing Time focus predominately on ASL signs, TreeSchoolers primary focus is on teaching a curriculum while incorporating ASL signs.


When I taught science, I would often start with a problem. This always lead to a question which needed to be solved. This DVD approaches learning the Solar System in the same fashion, using child-like characters to keep children engaged. I love how they incorporate songs and ASL into the curriculum. Even classics like the Alphabet Song made the cut. Songs are a great way to remember new content. I would often encourage children to create a song in order to memorize new content for a test.

Rachel & The TreeSchoolers do an amazing job delivering the content in a way that not only makes learning fun, but memorable as well. To say my two-year-old was memorized by this DVD would be the understatement of the year. We have watched it more times then I can count. Once it’s over, we either watch it again or she brings me another of her Signing Time DVD’s.



Something New!

To be honest, I have never used the CD’s that accompany her DVD’s. I didn’t feel it was all that important, but I decided to give it a try. I am pleased to say I was completely wrong! During one of our typical car rides, I popped the CD in, only to hear a small voice shout, “waxing!” My daughter was actually making an effort to sing along with the songs! This was a new and amazing skill for this proud mama to witness! The songs helps to reinforce the educational content of the DVD. Making the Solar System an easy subject to learn at any age!


Photo Credit: Two Little Hands Productions

If you haven’t, I hope you take this opportunity to check out the Signing Time DVD/CD’s for your children!

*Now, I hope you enjoy entering this fun little giveaway! Good Luck!*

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