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Update : {Three & Four Months}

Oh sweet little one of mine, I suppose these are the pitfalls of being a second child. Life got in the way… The holidays were busy from start to finish – packed full of holiday cheer. So here I sit, just now writing down some of your milestones from the past two months – as month 5 isn’t far behind.

But please know little one, it isn’t that you were thought of less. Quite the contrary! We were busy making memories and sharing memories with you! So many firsts for you this holiday season, for us as a family of four!  We love you!

Baby Girl – {Three Month Update}

  • October marks your first Halloween! You looked adorable in your ladybug costume!
  • Saturday, October 22nd was your first trip to the Pumpkin Patch! I wore you in the Solly Wrap and you loved it!
  • Sunday, October 30th was you first trip to Boo at the Zoo. We went in the later afternoon and got in right away. The weather was nice and you were as happy as can be for your first train ride!
  • Monday, October 31st we joined your big sister for your first trick-or-treating experience. The weather was surprisingly nice, as I pushed you through the neighborhood.
  • You have become quite the chatter box, as you consistently mumble throughout the day. You definitely want to be heard!

Baby Girl – {Four Month Update}

  • Saturday, November 19th were your first Christmas and 3 month photos. You were all smiles – a far cry from your newborn portraits!
  • Tuesday, November 22nd, you and I spent the morning at Tiny. You giggled and smiled as we bonded!
  • Wednesday, November 23rd, your first visit with Santa! You sat their without a care in the world!
  • Thursday, November 24th, was your first Thanksgiving. We left after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and headed to my parents home. You were in good spirits! Daddy had the task of put you and big sister to bed while I went Black Friday shopping. You slept beautifully!
  • You have found your hands! You love to look at them!
  • You nap off and on, on your play mat throughout the day.
  • My sweet baby, you are still an excellent sleeper. You typically sleep solid from 1am to 9am.
  • Saturday, November 26th, you spent the morning singing with grandma Sue while we took your big sister to a play.
  • Friday, December 2nd, you spent the evening cuddling with my parents while we took big sister to a holiday event!

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3 Reasons Your Kids Should Visit Santa Early

Visiting Santa can be a stressful experience, whether you have 1, 2, or 3+ children. With three years of Santa visits under my belt and a fourth underway, I have definitely learned a thing or two. So, I have come up with three reasons you should visit Santa early!

3 Reasons For Visiting Santa Early

1. No Lines

Time got away from me last year and I ended up taking my daughter to see Santa the week of Christmas. I had hoped going on a weekday morning would be less crowded – wrong! The line was incredibly long despite the day and time. I circled back a few times, hoping it would thin out between errands. Eventually, I relented and got in line.

Like many young children, it takes my daughter a while to warm up to the big guy in the red suit. I was fortunate enough that they still took there time with each child, despite the amount of people in line. Although, it would have been much easier if there had not been such a long line. We will definitely be avoiding a long line this year!

2. No Surprises

My mother often recalls one of my visits with Santa where he asked me, “What I wanted Christmas.” To which I replied with something my mother had never heard me say before – “Oopsie Daisy Baby Doll.” It was 1980 something and little did my mother realize, it would be the hot item. She ended up having to pay for her brother to ship the doll from another state, because of course, Santa had to come through!

My mother learned two things that year :

  1. Visit Santa early, because no matter how much you prep a child, they could say anything.
  2. In order to avoid any surprises, we were to ask Santa for two items and he would bring one.
3. Cost

We typically see the Mall Santa. Expensive, I know! But there is one thing I have learned, If you go early, you get more bang for your buck. Last year I purchased one photograph that cost me the same price I would have paid a week prior and I would have received more photographs. If you wait until the week of Christmas there is a price/package change. The originally package will end up costing more money.

Are you ready for a visit with Santa? Are your kids nervous or excited to see the big guy?

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