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Baby’s Sensitive Skin : Shampoo & Body Wash : Burt’s Bees

Do your children have sensitive skin? If the answer is yes, then we are in the same boat! My girl has crazy, sensitive skin! Since my husband and I both had sensitive skin as children, she was doomed from the start. So finding the right products for her, has definitely been quite the journey. Previously on the blog, I posted about finding the right sunscreen for her pale, porcelain skin.

Today, I am talking baby bath products. Bath time has always been one of those sweet mother/daughter moments. Seeing her little face staring up at me from her small pink tub, made my heart melt. I loved hearing her little coos and giggles during our bath time conversations. Now that my girl is an active toddler we have all kinds of bath time adventures. Everything from sailing the seas with Doc McStuffins to water squirt fights!

Bath time is one of our greatest adventures, but it didn’t always start out that way. In the beginning of my motherhood journey, I used whatever bath products I received at my baby shower. This mostly consisted of Johnson & Johnson. Its been around for years and the hospital I delivered at was using it. So if the hospital was using it, then it had to be safe. Our parents even used it when my husband and I were babies, so it had to be good…

I am sure you already know where I am headed with this. A few months after she was born I was talking with her doctor about bath time. Her eyes were red, even though the bottle said tear free. Her skin always ended up with a reddish tin and was very dry after each bath, despite my best efforts to lotion her up. That’s when she told me they do not recommend Johnson & Johnson. She went on to say, while they have been around for years, their products are full of chemicals. Likely causing her skins bad reaction.

Burt’s Bees to the rescue! Shortly after her appointment, I was talking with a few friends about my conversation with her doctor. They immediately suggested Burt’s Bees as the top choice! So, I checked into it and we gave it a try.


We use the Fragrant Free & Tear Free Shampoo & Body Wash. I LOVE this product! No harmful chemicals to cause my daughters skin to go hay-wire and no more red, irritated eyes. Burt’s Bees helped to create an enjoyable bath time experience for our daughter and I am truly grateful!

To correspond with her Shampoo & Body Wash, we also used their Fragrant Free Lotion. It’s AMAZING! It really helps to nourish her sensitive skin by eliminating those pesky dry patches. Lately, we have been using the Original Lotion because I can no longer find the Fragrant Free at Target. It seems to do the job nicely, but Fragrant Free works the best for my girl!

As the time to pack my hospital bag approaches, you better believe one of the baby essentials on the list is Burt’s Bees Fragrant Free & Tear Free Shampoo & Body Wash! Princess #2 will have a great bath time experience right from the start!

What bath products work best for your kids?

While I have never personally tried their other products, Chelsea wrote a great post about her daily Burt’s Bees skin care routine.

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Sunscreen : Sensitive Skin : Beach Babies

Now that the Summer Sun is fast approaching its time to pull out the beach towels, swim suits, and of course we can’t forget sunscreen. Protecting my daughters pale, sensitive skin is of the utmost importance. I knew from previous experience that I couldn’t just walk into Wal-Mart and purchase whatever was on the shelf. Doing that could cause her smooth skin to go haywire and I didn’t need a repeat of that!

Honestly, I didn’t know where to start!? That’s when a friend told me about the EWG Guide to Sunscreens website. EWG stands for Environmental Working Group.  This group rates sunscreens based on their level of each chemical ingredient. I found the website to be very helpful when searching for the safest sunscreen for my toddlers skin. Click on any of the listed sunscreens and there will be a break down of each ingredient used, amount used, and the level of hazard. The EWG uses the information they have regarding each ingredient  to give an overall score for safety.

After combing through the list carefully, I decided on California Baby Super Sensitive Skin. While it is a bit on the pricey side, I feel its total worth it in the end! Putting lotions and other products on my daughters skin in the past that were full of chemicals, caused her to break out something terrible. So, when it came to sunscreen safety, I didn’t want to repeat past mistakes!

California Baby is a great sunscreen, which I highly recommend! It protects my daughters skin from the harmful rays of the sun without all the harsh side affects of hazardous chemicals.

What beach bag essentials do you use to keep you and your family safe in the summer sun?

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