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I Can’t Do It All And That’s Ok

I can’t do it all and that’s ok

As I sit down to write this, the day is already half over and I feel as though I have enjoyed so little of it. Between breakfast and lunch I was busy cleaning bathrooms and sweeping floors. Life is a balancing act. One that I sometimes feel as though I am failing at miserably.

Time Management 

Time management. There are dozens upon dozens of blog posts dedicated to the topic. I have read quite a few of those myself and while I admit, they are inspiring, I have yet to find a good balance.

As a child, I remember my own mother constantly moving around the house. She worked in our home and still managed to do all the cooking and cleaning. She wore it like a badge of honor. As did many others in her mom tribe. During that time, whether you worked inside or outside of the home you were still expected to do it all. Honestly, I have no idea how my mother did it!? But she did. She is one amazing woman.

So, when I embarked on my own motherhood journey I to, assumed I would just do it all. But the truth is, I can’t. It’s taken me awhile to be OK with that, but I am. My husband and I work as a team and we have realized through a lot of trail and error, that we just can’t do it all.

Take last night for example, my husband was trying to clean up some outdoor toys we stored in the garage for winter. My oldest is a Daddy’s girl, so of course she wanted to help.  Except, it was more like dance and twirl around while my husband cleaned. It ended with my almost 4 year old falling butt first into a bucket of pine-sol. This resulted with her in the tub for a good scrub and her favorite bat girl pajamas in the washer…

The list goes on and on… 

Since my husband was home today, I decided to spend the morning cleaning. Although, we could have spent the morning as a family unit – playing and laughing together… These daily decisions to check items off a list are not always easy. Even now, as I type this, I had to decide between this and a laundry list of other things.

I look around and see the kitchen is in desperate need of my attention. A bucket in the living room needing to be emptied so that I can fill it with my daughters out grown baby clothes. I need to carve out more time to fill in the pages of my youngest baby book. I ABSOLUTELY need to organize almost fours years worth of my daughters photos, for which I NEED to start printing.

Not to mention, I need to spend more time growing and developing my blog. When my baby was in the newborn phase, I had a small window each week to work on my blog or her book. Now that she is more aware and preschool is about half over, I feel as though I should be spending these next few months taking her to library story time instead. She won’t always be this little and I know I need to take a step back and enjoy these little moments.


As I type this, nap time is almost over. Which means it’s time to put all work away for now, because I promised my big girl we would make hot cocoa together. We plan to drink hot cocoa and chat about the day, while I hold the baby in my arms. I wouldn’t miss that date for the world!


Like so many others who made resolutions for this New Year, I have a few goals of my own. Although I don’t have a plan of attack for how best to achieve them, I know I have to forge ahead. Hopefully I will discover a good path, a rhythm that works best for my family and I. But no matter what comes, I will always stop, to embrace these little moments.

Do you have a good time management balance for life? Does it ever feel like the list is never ending? I totally get it! We can navigate through life and motherhood together. It takes a village!

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Juggling Life’s Tasks After A Move

This post is difficult to write. In fact, I have been avoiding completely, as it highlights all my shortcomings. When we moved into our home I had hoped to become more organized, but instead I dropped the ball on everything…

Not only have I dropped the ball, but I also feel completely unorganized. How do I get my organizational skills back? Honestly, I have no idea. I was not an extremely organized person before the move. After the move, I am an absolutely mess. Not only that, but I have added even more work to my plate.

Here were are some of my household goals:

  1. Decorate our daughters room
  2. Decorate the playroom
  3. Decorate the living room
  4. Refurbish a piece a furniture left by the previous home owners
  5. Organize each room of the house

We have been in our home for over six months and I haven’t checked one thing off the list. I have friends who had some of these minor things completed in a matter of a few months and were already working on bigger projects. In hindsight these are small projects I know, but combine that with my disastrous closet and piles of paper that always seem to stack up on my kitchen counters…

I always read posts about how to organize your home, but I have never actually tried any of the tips. While it’s a little too early to be talking about New Year’s Resolutions, it has crossed my mind. I have been considering a “30 Day Challenge to De-clutter My Home.” I feel like this would be a great challenge to help me put organization at the for-front. My goal is to feel more organized in every aspect of my life.

I am currently working on some time management techniques in order to use my time more productively. My hope is that by starting with this simple step, I will become a more organized person in all aspects of my life.

Have you lost your organization skills? Do you have a stack of miscellaneous papers growing on your kitchen counter, an unnecessary junk drawer, or a messy closet? How do you plan to tackle the problem? I would love to hear your plan!

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