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Toys : Childhood Memory’s + A Lovey

When I had my oldest daughter, I would often imagine different segments of her childhood. Some of those segments included favorite toys and perhaps a special lovey. At the time, I didn’t consider the possibility that she may flip flop her special lovey from week to week or even month to month. I also never considered the possibility that she would have FOUR loveys, but that’s exactly what happened!

Here we are almost four years later and I am trying to keep track of four loveys, because of course there is no nap or bedtime without them! It didn’t begin this way, you know? It wasn’t until after she turned two that she started to become attached to “lovey”. I pushed hard for the items I purchased, hoping one of those would be her special buddy. I remember carefully selecting a few items with that thought in mind. Much to my dismay, that was never the case.

Instead, we went between stuffed animals from Walmart and one specific Minnie and Mickey Mouse plush set. Until last August… We spent the day at an amusement park. During our visit my husband and toddler played a few games in hope of winning some prizes. And that’s how we acquired her first two permeant loveys thus far – Dory and Sting Ray.

Then there were FOUR

Flash forward to Christmas. My daughter receives a small pony from grandma and doll she calls “Sally” from her Godmother. So now, instead of discarding sting ray and dory, she has FOUR sleeping buddy’s!


Lately I have been thinking a lot about my childhood toys, but not just mine. I have also been thinking about my sisters. More specifically, her lovey. The one she lost as a child. As I am sure some of you can relate, she lost her most treasured item in a department store one Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, there were no missing lovey websites available at the time. All my mother could do was call the store to see if anyone had turned it in, while consoling her very upset toddler.

Why am I so invested in my sisters lovey? Because I selected her lovey myself. My uncle had taken me to the local Montgomery Wards department store. I searched shelf after shelf, in hopes of finding the perfect toy to give my wild little sister. There I was, sitting on my knees, looking at the items on the bottom shelves, when I finally came across the perfect item.

A Playskool Pink Bunny Doll

I very vividly remember the doll I carefully selected for her as a child. It was a soft, plush material with a rubber head that squeaked when pushed. The white body and front of the ears filled with soft pink, green, and purple speckles. The hands, feet, and the material around the head and back of the ears were a fluffy pink. Sewn on the body was a small pink bib with the word “Playskool” printed across in green.

Loveys are such a special treasure for children and such a cherished memory for adults. Did you have a special lovey as a child? What was it and do you still have it?

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Christmas – Melissa & Doug Toys

Last Christmas marked our second year living in an apartment with a toddler. I remember thinking, “What are we going to get our ever growing daughter for Christmas?” At 20 months she was becoming more active, so stuff animals and stacking cup were off the list. At this point my mind was a complete blank. I wanted a few items that fostered education, but didn’t take up much space. So I did what I always do in these situations – asked my group of experienced mommy friends.

Their response, “Melissa and Doug Toys.”

One look and I was COMPLETELY sold!

Here’s why I LOVE Melissa and Doug toys:

  1. Each items comes with a list of guidelines, which explains how to use the toy with each stage of your child’s development.
  2. There are toys for every age and stage of development.
  3. The products made by Melissa and Doug are VERY durable.
  4. These toys are not only educational but are also fun and appealing for kids.
  5. Jumbo Knob Puzzles – I couldn’t find them anywhere else!

I wish I had taken a photo of the guidelines that came with the toys last Christmas to show you exactly want I mean. Either on the back on the box or attached to the bottom of each item was a list of how to use each toy with developmental goals in mind. It wasn’t just a few things written up, but a long list of how to continuously use the toy to foster your child’s growth for months to come. As both an educator and parent, I can tell you this was by far my FAVORITE aspect of their toys.

Shopping made easy! In just one click I was checking out the options for my daughters age group! Not only that, but I could also shop by the toys skill, such as; fine motor skills, speech skills, cognitive skills, etc. It is clearly evident to me this company takes the time and care to create both fun and educational items, while making it convenient to find the right toys for your child’s development.

For us, investing in a toy that will last is extremely important. Like most families, we are on a budget. So, when it comes to making purchases, we want to get the most out of a product that we possibly can. We especially want the toys with educational value to last with each additional child. I am pleased to say the ones we purchased last Christmas are in excellent condition, so when we do have more children they will be able to reap the benefits of these amazing toys.

These toys are FUN! While I do place a high value on toys that are educational, it is just as important that children enjoy playing with them. Melissa and Doug for the win here, because my daughter really enjoys these toys! For example, our Teddy Wear Toddler Learning Toy is a weekly passenger on our car rides. Puzzles – don’t even get me started! My daughter is puzzle obsessed and loves animals. The Jumbo Knob Puzzles were the only ones she could put together on her own at the time. While she has moved up in skill level, these are still some of her favorite toys to play with!

Can’t decide what to get your children for Christmas? I definitely recommend checking out Melissa & Doug!

Copyrighted By: Boldly Bravely You