1. YES to all of these. Toddlers are so unpredictable! I try hard to take a deep breath before I dive in to deal with it and then I talk as calmly as a can. If the situation warrants, sometimes we walk away from the situation and it helps too.

    • boldlybravelyyou@gmail.com

      Unpredictable for sure! But it sounds like you are a veteran to these situations. 🙂 Sometimes I quietly count to 10 before diving in.

  2. Great post!! I don’t have kids yet but I have nieces and a nephew so I know how it can be when you’re out in public and they are just going crazy. It’s easy to feel judged but you have to keep your cool and focus on them.

  3. I remember these days (my youngest is 12). They didn’t happen often, but I definitely felt the way Jenny does about who is important in those situations. It for sure isn’t the judging public!

    • boldlybravelyyou@gmail.com

      That is so true Eli! I still have to remind myself to not worry about everyone else during those public moments of discipline.

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